Season 4 The Marshall/Weiss Blackmailing

May 19, 2005
Did anyone think that the whole Marshall/Weiss blackmailing the Russian officer with the information from the Blackwell Index was cheesy or funny? While posting this thread, I'm starting to think that it may have been meant to be a funny/comic relief moment in the episode, however, while watching the episode, I thought it was kind of cheesy. It didn't seem realistic or plausible, instead, it seemed like two amateurs attempting to do something that they weren't quite equipped to do. :)
Oct 31, 2004
I thought it was hilarious that they needed (and had) phonetic pronounciations for what they wanted to say to the Russian guy. And that despite their lack of Russian linguistic skills, they could understand everything the Ruskie was saying to them. :D


michael's widow in mourning
Jun 26, 2003
I thought it was both funny and moving - funny obviously the quotes and bad russian but it was moving because there were a couple of times where they commented on how it might be the end of the world and their friendship really shone........i kind of got a weird feeling about two friends who are gonna work to do wnatever to make things right but they also had a kinda of what if we fail vibe to which made it a little sad.

kevin weissman has really impressed me the ;last few weeks - he is a freaking amazing actor. the scene last week when he told syd about her daad being sick was just soo good and again today he was ace :) (y)


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Mar 22, 2004
Rhode Island, USA
No way was it cheesy! It was a welcome return to the banter days of Alias. Kinda like Sark's snark, but without him :)(). But I do love me some Weiss and Marshall (as long as Weiss is being funny, and not following Nadia around like a lost dog). These were some of the best parts of the ep, imo. Besides Irina and Jack. :love:

Scarlet Crystal

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Dec 30, 2002
yeah. we can't have a whole episode of boom boom boom w/out a little downtime/comic relief. and those moments provided that.


Oct 9, 2004
Weiss and Marshall are hilarious not cheesy! They provided some much-needed levity to an otherwise dark episode. If those two got their own spin-off series, I'd probably watch.
May 29, 2005
Totally hilarious. Marshall is always a little off-kilter. Very clever, and very Jack when they realized they'd have to blackmail. That is exactly what Jack would have done:)
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