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Transcript: “The Story So Far” on Bravo, UK TV

Presenter: “Now in its 3rd series this Golden Globe winning US hit has found a new home in Britain, Alias is coming to Bravo. And I’ve come to LA to find Alias, The Story So Far for the kick off of series three. Let’s start with the star Jennifer Garner aka Agent Sydney Bristow. Traveling around the world incognito, fighting with the bad guys, wrestling with her inner demons, for Sydney its justa typical day in her life at her not so typical job as a CIA agent.””

CLIPS: Las Vegas Alias, Victoria King by pool, green dress season 1, hanging outside window, jumping off rooftop with Rambaldi clock, parachutes over Rio, parachute into party – black bob.

Presenter: “So lets get the story from the horses mouth, Bravo, sparing no expense at all have flown me here to the Alias studios to find out the story so far from the cast themselves.”

Filming with Ricky Gervais.

Interviews with cast members:

JG: “Everyone all over the world has loved this show and it’s never quite got the launch in England that we’ve been hoping. So we’re so thrilled to be on Bravo.”

MV: “Get to drive my car through the gates of the studio and think this is great I am one lucky bastard!”

KW: “I like kind of you know male gadgets I like you know things I can share with my buddies. Does that sound weird??
Presenter: “Boy’s toys. Yeah that sounds a little weird.”

VG: “I’d like to come and work in England. Would someone please get me a job over there?”

MD: “I got killed by me. I mean who doesn’t wanna be an evil twin.”

Presenter: “Can you just sum up the essence of the show is cos people might be just tuning in this season.”
RR: “No.” (laughs)

Presenter: “But I know a man who can. JJ Abrams creator of Alias found his inspiration for this show in his first US show Felicity.”

JJ: “So I was just joking around with the writers one day and I say, you know, if Felicity was a spy, you know, that would work because then she’d be going on these missions and she couldn’t tell her friends and she’d come back and she’d have her class. And they looked at me like I was crazy, you know, and I thought well that’s maybe that’s another show. So I was like, excuse me and I ran to me office and wrote down Felicity is a spy and a girl and her father in a spy team and all of a sudden these things started coming to me.”

CLIP: Syd fighting on the plane in Phase One.

JG: “The Pilot script is like unlike anything that anybody had ever read before and yet it totally has JJ’s stamp on it.”

JJ: “I sort of pitched the idea to Disney, Touchstone and it happened very quickly, they liked it, I wrote a script, they said who do you wanna direct it, I said me, they said ok which is horrifying and so we were shooting very quickly, it happened within months.”

CLIP: Season One intro with Weiss voice over.

RR: “It’s not a spy show. It’s not a love show. It’s not a romantic show, but its all of those things. It’s about this extraordinary young woman who was thrust into a life of being a spy and her family and the people around her, some of whom are awful, some of whom are brilliant, some of whom we don’t know whether they are good or bad and the writing is brilliant and we have this great leader JJ Abrams whose this little monster guy he’s just amazing. And Jennifer Garner she is, she’s a goddess.”

Presenter: “When you first saw the script for Alias what did you think? Did you go, what?”
JG: “I was shaking when I read it, it made me cry a couple of times, partially cos it was so emotional but also because I couldn’t believe that somebody wanted me to do this role.”

CLIP: Jack phones Syd to let her know he’s compromised at SD-6.

Presenter: “You kick a lot of backside in this show, were you that physically fit before you started? Did you work out a lot anyway?”
JG: “I grew up as a ballet dancer, and so that’s kind of the base of everything and then I’d gotten way out of shape in college and was back into pretty good shape before I got this job but definitely kicked it into gear before we started up and did a lot of training now I don’t train in martial arts as much as I’d like to it’s more that I learn one fight at a time.”

CLIP: 2.01. Fight with Kasanov in Barcelona.

Presenter: “Alias has propelled you because you’ve got the Golden Globe now and it’s really changed your life hasn’t it?”
JG: “Yeah! It’s completely changed my life, a hundred percent and it’s changed my confidence, it’s changed me knowing what I’m capable of, it’s changed what I want out of a role, it’s completely turned my life upside down and inside out.”

CLIP: Phase One – blows out door on plane and parachutes out of plane.

MV: “The combination that JJ sort of created, it’s kind of a comic book, there’s something about it that’s got a comic book feel but it’s also a character driven story, so you’ve got all these relationships and all these sort of dramas unfolding between the characters that are very real and very, sort of, universal themes, based in this incredibly high tech, comic book, kind of spy, super sexy, kind of weird……so I think that’s what’s appealing.”

CLIP: Season One finale – Vaughn behind door as water hits him.

Presenter: “Alias has been a massive hit in over 160 countries. This US phenomena seems to run and run catapulting its stars onto the international A list. There’s even talk of a movie.”

Filming blooper – Syd, Jack and Dixon – “Alright a dress rehearsal then we’ll shoot, lets try one more.” Laughter (particularly VG) and camera guy shouts “still rolling”.

Presenter: “Who is Jack Bristow?”
VG: “You know that’s such a good question. I have NO CLUE. He’s, you know, he’s a troubled guy, Jack Bristow. He has a checkered past and he’s done things he’s not proud of and he has this daughter, who he, he has tried to correct a lot of damage that he’s done. Sydney Bristow.”

CLIP: Pilot – Jack pulls up in parking lot - “Daddy!!”

Presenter: “She’s quite an emotional character.”
JG: “She’s very emotional and she’s very, erm, she’s very moral!”
Presenter: “Yeah. And in some ways she can be a bit vulnerable and in other ways incredibly hard. Are you anything like that?”
JG: “Yeah! I think so. I’m emotional and you know like a lot of women, I’m emotional and emotionally vulnerable and you can definitely…you know the great thing is Sydney’s enemies know how to find her soft spots and they go there and use the human touch to kind of let her screw herself over.”

CLIP: Jack reveals Irina killed the CIA men at meeting.

KW: “In the middle of Season Two, SD-6 is taken down and we are all revealed the truth and brought over to the real CIA which is really just over here at stage 4, SD-6 was in at stage 3, CIA is stage 4 so I just moved my car a little way over (laughs). And I play Marshall Flinkman who’s the, kind of, weapons and op tech expert, gadget expert. I’m kind of like the Q in James Bond series. I’m the modern day Q!”

CLIP: Marshall shows Syd her gadgets for Victoria King Alias – super swank glasses.

Presenter: “That’s it for part one but find out in part two which Golden Globe winning Britsh sit com actor is cracking up the Alias cast.”


Presenter: “Welcome back to Alias, The Story So Far. My mission to bring you up to speed on series one and two in preparation for the kick off of series three on Bravo. Let’s hear from the lady herself.”

CLIP: Syd in Q and A describes how she started work at SD-6.

Presenter: “Of course she could become a spy and so she did. Now feeling like I was getting to grips with this tricky plot there were still a few stones unturned so I went on location to meet more of the stars.”

Set person yells: “Fire in the hole.”
GG: “Fire in the hole.”
Presenter: “That could be sore.”
GG: “It could be sore. I mean like are we making an x rated film here?
Filming of shooting scene from future episode.
Presenter: “OMG – I love this show.”

Presenter: “Greg Grundberg plays Agent Eric Weiss a tough but sensitive soul who Sydney can always rely on.”

CLIP: Syd and Weiss in 2.01. at storage shout about Vaughn still being missing.

More filming!

Presenter: “As the shooting literally went on late into the night I scoped off round the back of the set for a nose and bumped into Merrin Dungy who plays Sydney’s clueless best friend Francie.

Presenter: “In series one, I just wanna wrap this up first of all for myself, you just kinda opened a restaurant.”
MD: “At the end of season one, yes. I’m just kind of the friend who doesn’t know anything still and I like have no idea things are going on with Will, don’t really know what Sydney’s up to.”
Presenter: “You were totally clueless weren’t you?”
MD: “I was so clueless I thought I would just open a restaurant, that it would be interesting and exciting.”
Presenter: “Then, in series two, I mean, I wondered what your face was like when you read that script. I get killed!”
MD and Presenter together: “By me!”
MD: “I mean, who doesn’t wanna be an evil twin.”

CLIP: Allison kills Francie.

Presenter: “Series two, for people who haven’t seen it, ends……..”
MD: “The knock down, dragged out, kick down fight.”
Presenter: “…..with you and Sydney kicking 5 colours of **** out of each other.”

CLIP: Fight between Syd and fran.

MD: “It’s actually the longest girl fight in history, on television.
Presenter: “No way!”
MD: “Yes, for television.”
Presenter: “was it hard to do.”
MD: “It was very hard to do, it was like three 16 hour days and like you would have to go home and like get in an Epsom salt bath so you could kind of move your muscles the next day. It was so hard but I loved every minute of it.”

CLIP of fight continues.

Presenter; “So when you come back in series three, you’ve been shot. Are you dead, are you gone?”
MD: “Do you wanna know?”
Presenter: “I wanna know.”
MD: “Maybe I come back. Maybe I’m just out there in the world and I just know what Sydney has been up too, which is just mean!”

CLIP ends with Syd shooting Francie.

Presenter: “Alias used two sound stages here at the Disney studios and to give you an idea what that means, the massive hit sit com Friends uses just one sound stage. Now believe it or not, the budget per episode of this series is the same as the average budget on an entire British film. Outrageous costs indeed but not as outrageous as the twisted and tangled relationship which Sydney has with her old boss and long term enemy, Arvin Sloane.”

CLIP: Syd meets Sloane.

Presenter: “He’s a bit mixed up isn’t he really Sloane.”
RR: “You think?”
Presenter: “I think he was god evil at the start. And then I think he softened a little bit.”
RR: “Do you know what some people think about Sloane? Not that I wanna put this idea into anybodies heads but there are several websites that say that Arvin Sloane is her father.”

CLIP: Q and A – SD-6 detail the mission.

Presenter: “What are the mission objectives? Well Sydney often solves them using techniques not learnt in her CIA manual.”

CLIPS: The black one, 2.01 blonde wig, the red one, sex club with Jurgen.

Alias season three is coming to bravo, expect the unexpected they tell me. JJ Abrams it’s creator should know the score.

JJ: “She wakes up, its two years later, doesn’t know where she’s been or why she’s there, the man she loves is married to another woman, this is like great fodder you know. So the fun of this season for me is that it really is a story of this woman coming to terms with what happened to her over those two years, it’s this great mystery and once she figures out what that is, dealing with the consequences of that.”

CLIP: season two finale – Syd phones CIA.

JG: “ Third season is kind of about Sydney’s isolation and her whole world has kind of turned upside down in every capacity and she’s trying to put the pieces back together and figure one thing out at a time. But the main over riding thing is what happened to me for two years? Who was I? What did I do? And how do I fix whatever I did?

CLIP: Vaughn and Syd in finale.

MV: “The third season which apparently you’re gonna sink your teeth into is a whole other set of crazy circumstances. I’m married and Sydney comes back from the dead and I’m still in love with her but I’m in in love with my wife and that’s just being very selfish talking about my character only.”

CLIP continue: “Vaughn why are you wearing that ring?”

Presenter: “At the start of series three, Sydney wakes up after being unconscious for two years and her boyfriend Michael Vaughn has married Lauren Reed. Now she’s played by Melissa George, who you might remember from Home and Away, and guess what? She’s invited me to her trailer for a chat. How glamorous am I?”

MG: “Hello.”
Presenter: “And how beautiful is she? Hi, how are you? What is the love triangle? Explain it a little more to me.”

MG: “Well basically Sydney and Vaughn were, you know, at the end of season two they got together and the audience well they’d been wanting it for so long. And then you cut, season two is finished, season three Sydney’s gone and Vaughn marries me. And the whole love triangle is basically, Sydney is upset that Vaughn moved on but it has been two years and this is why the tension is so…no one is right or wrong in this situation, Vaughn still loves Sydney in a way but is so madly in love with his wife. And then we’re like all working, I’m NSC and in the CIA and my husband comes back to the CIA and then Sydney comes back from two years missing so all of a sudden the three of us are all in the Rotunda, like Vaughn, Sydney, Lauren and there’s just this tension and these looks. It’s so genius of JJ what he created with that.”

Presenter: “Amazingly, I stumbled across another huge British TV star wandering around the Alias set. Since his double whammy for at the Golden Globes for The Office, Ricky Gervais has the world at his feet.”

Presenter: “You’ve had other offers from America. Why did you pick this show?”
RG: “I got into discussion with JJ Abrams the creator and he sent me over some stuff and I really liked the show, I like this kind of high octane you know 24 type thing.”
Presenter: “He kinda stopped you didn’t he? That’s what he told us.”
RG: “Yeah it was really funny and he said we’ll work together. And he offered me a part and it was quite nebulus and then he said I’ll right you the meanest SOB in the world and that’s exciting and then he said the golden words, it’ll only be a few days filming which I loved, I’ve got the attention span of a 4 year old child and it worked out really well. It’s a really great role. I also thought I should grow up and do something which isn’t just me making it up and being in charge.”

Presenter: “I left Ricky recording until the wee hours of the morning and you can catch that episode and a one hour special about his time out there, later in the series.”

CLIP: Syd kicks Vaughn’s ass at the start of The Two.

Presenter: “All of that and more of this, Alias Series Three Bravo, Sunday nights, 9 o’clock.”

CLIPS – black bob wig elevator escape, swings to knock over Anna, ambulance drive, gold outfit fight near inferno, fight guards in colour blind, on boat in bikini, Victoria King kicks guard,, maid in hotel kicks guy, hippy in glasses, fight’s Anna in cave for Rambaldi manuscript, Sukolov club red outfit, Berlin sex club outfit, phase one knock out, Kasanov fight from 2.01, blows up car in 3.01.
I really think Bravo could be the best place for Alias. After seeing The Story So Far... and hearing about the Ricky Gervais/Alias special Bravo may be able to pull up the ratings over here. It's probably the biggest show they've got on the channel now and they're making a big deal about it.

PS. Thanx for posting the transcript.