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So, I was bantering about inside the head of mine, and decided to come up with a series of releases featuring my space pirate Aston West, all with three short stories in one neat package for under a buck. So, the first of those Triple-Shots is now up for sale over at Amazon and Smashwords, containing my stories "Ever Dark", "Samaritan" and the feature piece "Dead Man's Forge". Hope you'll check it out, and enjoy! Not sure when the next one will be out, but not to worry, it's in the pipeline...

And I have no idea how to make this image smaller...since the re-size feature doesn't seem to work in the posting window. :(

T. M. Hunter
The West(ern) Chronicles
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Heh...I'm not sure why I didn't remember that this thread was out there...since this last post, I've come up with three more Aston West Triple-Shots since then...with the latest (featuring my story "Payback") just coming out this last week.

Temptation & Other Adventures
Downtrodden & Other Adventures
Payback & Other Adventures

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