Trying to find this book... the name of it.


All I know, is it is like Lord of The Flies... its written by Stephen King I think. I know, not much help, but if I see the title, I think I could figure it out.

If you aren't sure what the Lord of the Flies is ( not sure if a book, saw the movie), its a decent flick about children having to start their own little place on a deserted island. It's been a very long time since I watched it.
Wait... now I remember. It isn't written by Stephen King. It was a book he had suggested. He said it was like Lord of the Flies.
Ya know, that might be it. I do recall King saying it "scared the hell out of him".

I know my post wasn't a big help.... I just remember seeing an interview, where King had suggested this as one of his top 5 suggestions. This was a while back, and I just put off getting it until it completely slipped my mind. For some reason, it hit me today, and I had no clue what the book was.