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[img2=right]http://william.typepad.com/life/0309/underworld.jpg[/img2] I've recently watched Underworld and word comes that Underworld 2 is already underway. The first one may be considered a sleeper hit since it caught on really big in video rentals/purchase. Though the first one wasn't a great movie, with some predictability occuring, it was pretty enjoyable to watch for a 'monster movie' and was much better that most other movies in that genre in recent memory.

For those that have not seen the movie yet the 30-second synopsis would be: A war has been raging for centuries between vampires and werewolves with the vampires winning to the point of nearly wiping out all of the werewolves. The reasons for the war and the tragic ramifications of it 500 years later are back drop of a relationship that was not meant to be.

[Source: IESB.Net ] Producer Tom Rosenberg gave us a status report on the sequel to Underworld, which goes into production soon and may have a different title. “We start in November,” Rosenberg said. “We may call it something else. We’ll probably call it something with Underworld 2 [but] it’s Underworld 2.”

With the recent director’s cut of Underworld expanding the film’s mythology, Rosenberg promises that those fans will get more out of the sequel, while casual fans will still be able to follow the story. “I think the real intense followers of the whole saga will really, really love the second one. It’s very intricate. It gives Selene’s history, Viktor’s history and then of course now Marcus is going to come out of the crypt. So it’s really cool. I’m excited about it.”

Of course, the action will have to evolve in the sequel. “It’s much bigger action but still, we have to keep the coolness of it and not let the action overwhelm it. I like the whole world that’s created and you have to stay within that world. I don’t want to jam mindless nonstop action at the audience and this is going to still be story driven. But we’re going to have cool sequences and some bigger action, but if you do that on a sequel, and that’s what often happens, what’s the point? This story is better. This story is more intricate and more interesting. That’s what I really like about it.”

Rosenberg also acknowledged that the success of the original allowed for one major difference on the sequel. “Well, it allowed all the actors to get paid more. Those are the chief beneficiaries of the success of it.”


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I like the original movie so much that I purchased it on DVD and now that the directors cut is coming out I may even have to purchase that.

Give me a good vampire movie and I am a happy camper. I already own Blade I and Blade II but I have not had a chance yet to see Blade Trinity but this weekend I may have to break down and go see it.

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