Valentine Kiss

awww....they're sooo in looove!!! that's cute...well..i hope he doesn't find out who she's with...i hope maxwell doesn't put two and two together...

i love your story!!!

please update soon:P
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Sydney brushed her hair over her shoulder as she stared out the window at the traffic and houses.
Micheal who was driving, couldnt help but laugh at the slightly baffled look on her face.
"What? Have you never been to the east side before?" he asked.
She shot him a look.
"I've been here. . A few times. .
With Maxwell." she said akwardly.
Micheal immediately regretted asking her that question.
The east side was a large suburb in New York, that was away from the usual business districts of the city centre.
Sydney suddenly turned to Micheal, a wide grin on her face.
"Speaking of Maxwell. .
He's got the flu." Sydney laughed.
Micheal froze his fingers tightening on the steering Wheel.
He knew why Maxwell had the flu.
'Probably because i purposely left him standing on the side of the road, freezing and stranded.' Micheal thought feeling an uncomfortable twist of guilt in the pit of his stomach.
Sydney threw him a sidelong glance.
"Arent you gonna ask me
How that happened?" she asked coyly.
He swallowed hard.
"Uh . .Yeah. . Sure. . " he replied with a nervous chuckle.
Contented with his answer, she settled back in her seat and began.
"So this is how it happened.
apparently after running of from work, after leaving me stuck there, his pride and joy, car broke down on route 66.
And then this car stops to help him. . ." she flashed him a wicked grin.
"Except for some reason this really great gift to man kind, guy fiddles with his car and leaves him stuck on the highway. . ."
Sydney let out a triumphant shout.
Micheal looked at her.
"Uh Syd. . Theres something i have to tell you. . " he began but she cuts him off.
"Dont you think thats freaking fantastic! And you im sure if Maxwell could get his hands on this guy he'd probably do some serious damage. . ."
"Uh Syd. . . I really need to tell you. . " he began again desperately trying to get a word in edgewise.
"To think Maxwell actually called this guy an a**hole.
If i could just get my hands on that. . "
"Sydney! Im that Asshole!" Micheal nearly yelled out in frustration.
Sydney froze in midsentense her jaw dropping as she turned to look at him.
"What did you just say?" she asked seeming confused.
Micheal, who had calmed down somewhat, too a deep breath.
"Syd. . I was the guy who tinkered with his car. . .
I saw the name 'Typress' embossed on the window of his car and i just sort of put two and two together."
he completed waiting nervously for her reaction.
Her eyes were wide as she stared.
"I dont believe this!" she cried out ecstatic.

Micheal glanced at her.
"So uh. . .Youre not mad at me?" he said relieved.
"Mad?! Why would i be mad?!
No. Im ecstatic!" she cried out and flung herself at him.
Micheal's eyes widened as he struggled to stay on the road.
"Oh uh. . Syd. . ." he was suddenly glad he'd had done that little trick to Maxwell.
It was certainly worth it for that amazing hug Sydney was giving him. .
She reached up and planted a wet kiss on his cheek and he tore his eyes away from the road, for a second as he looked longingly at her red lucious lips.
"Huh! To think who would have thought you had it in you. . " Sydney mused.
He frowned.
"Had what in me?" he asked confused.
She laughed.
"I just meant you dont look like you could hurt a fly. . "
"Oh So now youre saying i look feminine?" Micheal asked pretending to sound mighty insulted.
Sydney scowled.
"You little chauvinist. . Just cos woman are feminine doesnt mean they cant be dangerous." she informed him.
"Ouch. . Im so afraid now. . " he giggled.
"You better be." she threatened as she smacked his arm playfully.
A few seconds later, he pulled the car of onto the sidewalk, and announced cheerfully.
"We're here!"
Sydney glanced out the window and nodded her head appreciatively.
"Hmm. . Nice. . ." she murmured as she took in the glass front restaurant over looking the ocean.
Micheal exited the car and quickly walked over to her side.
He opened the door and smiled charmingly at her.
"And may i do the honours?"
she grinned up at him.
"Ahh. . I can always appreciate a gentleman." she laughed.
He took her hand and helped her out.
There was a strong sea breeze in the air, causing Sydney's brown trusses of hair to tostle.
Micheal stopped and just stared at her for a moment.
She was just so beautiful. . .
And with Sydney they was so much more to her than just surface beauty.
She was beautiful. . .Inside and out.
"Are you done staring?" Sydney asked her eyebrows raised.
Micheal flushed.
"Uh . . .Yeah. . .I didnt realise i was being that obvious." he apologised.
She just shook her head.
"Hey who said i minded being stared at by a cute guy like you?" she teased.
He shook his head ruefully.
"A cute guy?" he echoed dubiously as he took her arm and led her into the warm restaurant.
"I hope you like seafood. . " he asked.
"Oh yes. . .I love Sea food." Sydney exclaimed as he led her up a small flight of steps to a balcony.
Sydney gasped at the sight that met her eyes.
Micheal had arranged a table with rose petal scattered across the table cloth, thin stemmed peach candles in the centre, and elegant china ware and cutlery.
The view was absolutely stunning, with floor to ceiling glass windows, showing uninterrupted views of the blue ocean and the gentle waves crashing ashore.
She turned around to face him and she could see he was smiling lightly, obviously thrilled at her reaction.
"This is amazing. . .Geez Micheal. . .
I thought this just supposed to be a quick lunch. . " she said.
He smiled and pulled out her chair for her.
"Oh come on Syd. . .I did say i wanted to wine and dine you. ."
She settled down and looked up at him her brows raised.
"What? Is there a room back there or something?
Do you really want to get the sex over with now?" she asked mischieviously.
His face reddened.
"Oh come on. . .Thats not why i planned this lunch. . .
And anyway it really wasnt that big a deal to prepare." he shrugged.
Sydney just nodded slowly and looked up as the waiter approached them.
"What can i get for you miss?" he asked politely.
Sydney glanced at the menu and then began drilling off the names of over a dozen dishes.
The waiter took her order down and the bowed politely, before walking away.
Sydney glanced up to find Micheal watching her with his jaw dropped with surprise.
"Ah youre shocked at how much i ordered?" she teased.
He cleared his throat.
"Well not exactly. . " he began.
Sydney snapped her fingers, as if the reason had just popped into her mind then.
"Now i get it! Youre thinking if only i knew this jezebel was going to milk me for all my money i should have just booked that bedroom and taken my worth. . ."
Micheal raised his brows.
"Actually i have been seriously rethinking that bedroom plan. . .
But the real reason im surprised?
Im just so thrilled to meet a woman who doesnt just peck of some tasteless saled, while i wolf down a three course meal. . . .
Honestly. . .That can be so annoying." he laughed.
She grinned.
"Oh. . So you dont mind me putting on the extra pounds?" she teased.
"Syd youre so skinny, 'You Need' to put on a few pounds." he said seriously.
She just laughed.
"Okay. . .Can i say im really glad to meet a guy who doesnt constantly glance at what im eating?" she said.

Micheal frowned.
"No guy in his right mind should do that Syd." he declared.
She reached across the table and took his hand.
"Hey. . .I just wanted to say. .
Just wanted to thank you for doing this. . .
For not just taking me last night. . .But rather for waiting." she said staring deeply into his gaze.
"Hey. . .I just want our relationship to last. . .And you know. . Be special." he said softly his green eyes glowing warmly in the candle light.
They were both so absorbed in themselves that they didnt even notice someone climbed the steps to the balcony.
"Micheal! " a ladies voice called out.
Micheal's head whipped up in horror and Sydney glanced up to see the woman.
She looked to be in her mid fifties with slightly graying hair, and she wore a light pink elegant slack suit.
"Who is she?" Sydney whispered worried at the panicked look on his face.
Micheal shook his head and muttered.
"She wasnt suppose to be here today. . ," he trailed off and then looked up at her.
"Syd. . She's my mom. . .
And youre about to get one hell of an inquistion. . ."

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HUGE SMILES NOW... that is just so cute... she is meeting his mother and she knows that it was michael that tinkered with Maxwells car.... YAY THIS JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER


I'm thinking the restaurant is owned by Michael's parents. That's why he got such a nicely decorated table with the fabulous view. And the reason Michael was so surprised to see his mother walk in was because she wasn't suppose to be there that day.

Thanks for the PM.


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