"Virtually" In Love


Jan 21, 2004
Well if things are going right, tonight I should get "Office Romance" done. The question that I have to answer is . . . whose office?

If not, then I'll post by Friday. I'm still trying to finish my other one of "Chance Encounter." I've got a gap to fill as it were.

Oh well, off to writing and correcting test papers.

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Jan 21, 2004
Well if things are going right, tonight I should get "Office Romance" done. The question that I have to answer is . . . whose office?

If not, then I'll post by Friday. I'm still trying to finish my other one of "Chance Encounter." I've got a gap to fill as it were.

Oh well, off to writing and correcting test papers.

LaFemme :redhair:


Jan 21, 2004
Removing the glasses once more, Sydney did her best to take in all that she had just seen, experienced, and felt? It was all so real; the heat of the candle wax touching her skin, the feel of the leather they both wore, the touch of Michael’s arousal against her, and even the scent of Vaughn himself came through in her virtual encounter. Pausing for a moment, Sydney continued to ponder her most recent virtual encounter. She began to question herself, wondering . . . if it was fantasy, then why it felt so real. Sydney could tell that her heart rate was up and there was one other detail. She was becoming definitely aroused.

“Vaughn . . . what can I say? That was . . . you?” Sydney finally managed to ask, keeping her feelings to herself.

For a moment, Vaughn said nothing. All he did was smile. It was a smile that reminded her of the Cheshire cat. He knew more that he was telling; Sydney was sure of that. Looking at Vaughn she could tell he would only reveal what he wanted to make known, when and only when he was ready.

Sydney was broken from her reverie by Vaughn who now chose to speak. “Well . . .” he began, but then he stopped.

“Well what?” Sydney asked, eagerly awaiting his answer.

“Don’t you have one more choice to go?” he asked, a very mischievous grin crossing his face. Vaughn knew that once Sydney saw number three; “Office Romance,” he would then make his move. He would make the ultimate choice. Vaughn only hoped that Sydney would . . .

“Okay, here goes!” Sydney exclaimed, as she placed the glasses on her head for the last time.

Sydney’s final virtual encounter began in the most innocuous of places. Looking around, she quickly surmised that she was in an office. Glancing at the desk, Sydney then realized whose office it was; hers. She was at her office at the Ops Center.

Just then, a young woman entered the office. She couldn’t have been more than twenty-one to twenty-five years old. She was blonde, petit, wearing small wire-rimmed glasses. The young woman appeared to be waiting. Finally, she spoke.

“Agent Bristow?” she asked.

“Yes?” Sydney responded, not sure where this was going to lead.

“You have a visitor. Shall I show him in?” The young lady asked.

It was at that moment that Sydney caught sight of her visitor. It was Vaughn. Looking him over, Sydney couldn’t help take her eyes off of him. Although he was clad as he would normally dress for work, there was something different about him. Sydney sensed something, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Was it charm? Was it charisma? Or was it simply sex appeal? Whatever it was, Sydney found it was getting harder and harder to ignore her feelings for Vaughn. Something was going to happen.

“Hey!” Vaughn shouted, interrupting Sydney’s momentary daydream.

“Hey” she responded back, a little subdued, a little unsure of where this next encounter would lead her.

“Is that anyway to greet your lover?” Vaughn asked, a bit of disappointment heard in his voice.

Sydney shrugged her shoulders, not sure what she should do. Vaughn’s open arms gave her the invitation she needed.

“So how was Mexico?” he asked.

“Um . . . hot?” Sydney answered, trying to play her part in this episode.

Just then, Sydney and Vaughn’s conversation was broken up by the young office assistant. “You know, I got a tattoo in Tijuana once. Of course if I show, you’d have to marry me.”

Sydney was surprised at her reaction to what was clearly a figment of her virtual imagination; jealousy. She actually wanted to throw the little twit out. Instead, she tried a different approach. “Scoot!” she ordered.

“Scooting!” the young office assistant replied as she closed the door.

Holding her in his embrace, Vaughn spoke, “You know I missed you.”

“You did?” she answered, a slight surprise held in her voice.

“Yep; you’ve been on my mind a lot” Vaughn answered as he drew Sydney in for a kiss. Although brief, it held much potential.

“Mmm . . . what’s all this?” Sydney asked eager to know what would happen next.

“Can’t a guy just be happy to see his girl?” Vaughn replied as she continued to hold Sydney in his arms.

“Sure . . .” she replied.

“I hope you don’t mind me barging in on you. I just I’d take you to dinner tonight.” Vaughn offered.

It was at that moment that a twinkle or perhaps a gleam could be seen in Sydney’s eyes.

“Dinner huh?” she teased as she led him over to her desk.

“Now what am I in the mood for?” she asked as she cupped Vaughn’s
head in her hands.

“Maybe some pasta?” she teased . . . with a kiss. Slowly, her hands began to unbutton his shirt.

“Or maybe . . .” she unbuttoned her two buttons.


“A burger” she unbuttoned another two buttons

Sydney’s kisses began to travel in a downward fashion as she continued with her questioning of Vaughn over dinner tonight.

“Or maybe some pizza?” she was almost done with the last button.

When she finished, a gleam still held in her eyes, Sydney slid her hands up Vaughn’s smooth and solid chest. ‘Good’ she thought to herself. He’s not wearing an undershirt this time.

“Or maybe we should just skip dinner altogether?” she teased once more and she leaned closer to Vaughn, feeling his growing arousal wanting to be released.

“I take it you liked the other two virtual encounters?” Vaughn asked.

“Mmm . . . yes and it was the second most incredible experience in my life.” Sydney answered, her own arousal becoming more and more evident.

“Second?” Vaughn wondered, a look of apprehension or perhaps uncertainty crossing his face.

“The first is what we’re about to do right now” was Sydney reply, as she gently pushed Vaughn back on her desk.

“Sydney . . .” Vaughn tried to respond, his voice not really allowing him to speak. “This isn’t quite how I pictured things would be . . . there is more . . .”

“Oh Vaughn, I am FULL of surprises!” Sydney responded as she covered Vaughn’s mouth with hers, devouring him in a kiss. The kiss was one of hunger rather than romance. Sydney wanted him and she wanted him now. Breaking free from the kiss, she continued to plant small kisses along Vaughn’s bare stomach, stopping when she reached his pants.

Smiling, Sydney’s looked down as she first undid his belt buckle. She noticed that Vaughn’s breathing was becoming more rapid beneath her touch. Satisfied that the first obstacle was removed, Sydney then continued to unzip Vaughn’s pants.

“Sydney . . . what . . . if someone . . .” he pleaded.

“I don’t care Michael . . . I want you know and I don’t care at all!” Sydney answered back as she made quick work of his pants as well as his boxers. Seeing his manhood fully hard, Sydney quickly impaled herself upon him, sending a wave of emotion and feelings running through both of their bodies.

Vaughn sat up and pulled Sydney forward, still keeping himself inside of her. With her help, they quickly removed her shirt and bra. Her small but ample breasts now stood out for Vaughn to see. Taking one in his mouth, he began to suck on it, almost as if he were drinking from a well. Sydney threw her head back, exposing her neck and all of her for Vaughn to touch, to taste and to explore. He did not miss a beat. As Vaughn could see Sydney’s nipples becoming quite hard, he decided it was time for a change of . . . positions.

With all the strength he could muster, Vaughn made one thrust forward with his body and managed to raise him and Sydney off of her desk. Now that the tables were turned as it were, Vaughn quickly took a position behind Sydney and placed her on the desk. Sydney looked back at him, surprised but at the same time delight with this take charge kind of attitude he was now showing.

Leaning into her, Vaughn quickly inserted himself into Sydney once again. She moaned in response, “Vaughn . . .” He in turn, leaned forward to place small kisses along the length of her arm.

“Sydney . . .” he growled. “You are so beautiful . . .” Vaughn struggled to speak once more. He knew they were both on the edge again and it would be only a matter of time before they both went over. He wanted to make sure or at least try to do it . . . together.

Cupping one breast in his left hand, Vaughn continued increasing the intensity and speed of his thrusts, with Sydney closing her eyes in a blissful response. Vaughn reached around with his right hand and brought Sydney’s lips to his for final kiss. This kiss, although built on hunger, now possessed the key element of desire. Each one drew from the other, their tongues joining together in a dance of ecstasy.

“Vaughn . . . I’m almost . . .” Sydney cried out, feeling the impact of Vaughn’s thrusts. They were bringing her to the brink. She was scared; of what she did not know, but what she was feeling also excited her as well.

“Let it go . . . Sydney . . . I’m right there with you . . . come to me . . .” he beckoned, urging Sydney to let everything go, to fall into his embrace . . . his touch . . . his . . .

“V . . . a . . . u . . . g . . . h . . . n . . .” she cried out once more as she went over that edge she had been so afraid of earlier.

“Syd” he responded in a gentle voice as he pulled her into a quiet and loving embrace.


Well I hoped you like this encounter . . . but I'm not done yet. There is one more encounter to go . . . a real one and then Vaughn makes the ultimate choice of his lifetime . . . Hmmm . . . I wonder what will happen :angelic:

Actually I wonder where I should make it happen? :rolleyes:

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Jan 21, 2004

Removing the glasses for a final time, Sydney looked over to Vaughn on the sofa. As she struggled to find the words to describe what she saw, felt, hell . . . experienced, she noticed something different about Vaughn. He seemed to possess a sense of warmth about him. Sydney scooted closer to Vaughn, coming within inches of him.

“Vaughn?” she asked in a somewhat seductive tone of voice.

“Yes?” he managed to respond.

“Is there something more? Is there something you want to . . . tell me?” Sydney cooed.

Vaughn paused for a moment. Struggling to find the words to say what how he felt, to tell the woman he loved how much she completed him, Vaughn took Sydney’s hand in his. Standing up, still holding her hand, he finally spoke.

“Follow me.”

“Wait, Vaughn where are we going?” she asked.

“Sydney, let me ask you this” he began.

“Go ahead” she urged.

“What did you think of my gift?”

“Well it was . . . um . . . fascinating. I’ve never felt, I mean seen anything like it.” Sydney turned away for a moment, a feeling of embarrassment coming over her. She didn’t know if she could really tell Vaughn how much those VR experiences truly aroused her.

Still holding her hand, his grasp becoming stronger, Vaughn spoke once more. “I’m going to say something. And it’ll either be obvious to you or seem presumptuous. Either way, I’ve got to say it.”

Sydney smiled, recalling those exact words Vaughn used the first time he told her how he felt.

Months earlier . . .
The mood at center was tense. Intel was coming in regarding some major changes at SD-6. A briefing was scheduled in five minutes. Sydney was about to head to the conference room, when Vaughn stopped her, indicating he wanted to speak with her . . . privately.

Once inside a small office, Vaughn was the first one to speak, “I’m going to say something. And it’ll either be obvious to you or seem presumptuous. Either way, I’ve got to say it. This isn’t working.”

Sydney said nothing in response. She only listened . . . intently.

Vaughn continued. “I’ve been thinking about this for a while and . . . I . . . I don’t know what the hell to do.”

“What?” Sydney answered, wanting to hear the words from him.

“I think you know what” he replied, the frustration rising in his voice.

“I need you to tell me,” Sydney countered with a slight shrug in her shoulders.

“You need me to tell you what? That when you’re on operations, I can’t sleep at night? That when we’re in debrief, I have to force myself to remember what the hell we’re supposed to be doing when all I want to do is kiss you?”

Sydney couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Vaughn was professing his feelings for her, in his own way of course, but still, he was saying something that she had wanted to hear for so long. Fighting back tears of joy, she tried to look Vaughn in the eyes as she spoke. “Sometimes it is hard to remember what we’re supposed to be talking about?”

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Vaughn interrupted. “And the thing that makes me crazy every day is, people that would kill us if we were seen together, the Alliance, SD-6, Sloan, are the very same forces that brought you into my life to begin with. What kind of a sick joke is that?”

“So what are you thinking? That maybe we shouldn’t be working together?” Sydney hoped Vaughn wasn’t going to break up their relationship, even if it was only a working one . . . for the moment.

“That’s what I was thinking, but then I thought, we are great together.”
“I know” she answered, a trying to hide a sense of hope that was beginning to build within.

“And the more we work together, the sooner the Alliance gets destroyed.”

“So what are you suggesting?”

Before, Sydney and Vaughn could continued their conversation, Weiss interrupted, wanting to know if they were in the “flirting corner” as he had put it.

“Syd?” Vaughn spoke, breaking her out of a momentary daydream.

“Huh?” she replied, still shaking elements of the past from her mind.

“I was going say . . . that I love you. I’ve loved you since the moment you entered my life. It hasn’t been easy . . . for either of us. I thought that when SD-6 was destroyed everything would just fall into place.”

“Well it kind of . . . has . . . I think” Sydney responded, not sure what Vaughn would say next.

“No Syd, it hasn’t. Things have become difficult.” He continued.

‘Oh god’ she thought. ‘He’s going to dump me.’

“I’ve made it difficult and I want to . . .” Vaughn paused for a moment.
Syd looked into his eyes, searching for a sign, a sign of anything. She found nothing.

“Show you something. Will you come with me?” Vaughn asked a sense of pleading now evident in his eyes.


Keys in hand, Vaughn led Sydney out the front door of her apartment. Opening the door to his car, Vaughn waited as Sydney sat inside the car. Making his way around to the other side, Vaughn got inside the car, started the engine, and began to drive.

Sydney looked at Vaughn, a sense of curiosity now replacing her sense of dread from earlier. “Vaughn? Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise. I want to show you something.”


“Me” was the only response he would offer.

When Vaughn finally did stop the car, Sydney was at a loss for words once again. They were at LAX; they were going somewhere. The trouble was; she had no clue. Vaughn was very tight-lipped. Sydney’s first clue as to their possible destination was the counter towards which they approached; AIR FRANCE.

“We’re going to France? Vaughn?” Sydney questioned. Vaughn did not respond. He simply turned his attention to the young lady, who processed their tickets. When she was done, she indicated the direction that they should take to reach their gate.

“Sydney? Coming?” Vaughn beckoned, a slight smile crossing his face.

“Huh? Uh yeah . . . “she replied.

Sydney followed Vaughn through the security checkpoints, and within the hour, they were soon airborne. During the flight, Vaughn was quiet. Sydney actually found it to be quite eerie. Other than small chitchat, his conversation with her was very limited. Sydney knew he had something planned and that alone, plus her love for Vaughn was enough to make her follow him for what she was sure would be an encounter she would never forget.


Jan 21, 2004
lorilou said:
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You're add to the list. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Anyone else? I'll try to finish it this week. Actually I've got to finish it by February 12th for the contest.

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Jan 21, 2004

Capferrat, France . . .

The plane flight went relatively without incident. Sydney and Vaughn were situated in first class, complete with all the amenities that one would expect; custom meals, fine wine, comfortable seats, and in-flight films. While Vaughn was pleasant to both Sydney and the flight attendants, he kept his thoughts to himself, revealing nothing. It wasn’t until they landed, that she had her first clue.

“We’re in Capferrat?” she asked, noticing the signs at the airport.

Vaughn said nothing but offered a slight nod and a smile. He reached up to the overhead compartment and pulled down his one overhead bag. Sydney looked at him and just stared for a moment.

“What?” he asked.

“Just what are you up to?” Sydney wanted to know.

“You’ll see. Come on, let’s go” and with these words Vaughn motioned for Sydney to walk ahead of him as they disembarked from the plane. As they approached customs, Sydney was struck by a new sense of confidence in Vaughn as he placed his arm around her waist. She liked this . . . this sense of warmth it gave her. She didn’t know what Vaughn had planned, but she’d trusted him so much in the past; with her life no less. She figured she could go along with whatever he wanted. She owed him that much at least.

Upon clearing customs, Sydney and Vaughn made their way to the car rental desk. Apparently Vaughn had already made a reservation and thus, they were on the road within the next twenty minutes. The drive along the countryside was actually quite relaxing for Sydney, so much that she found herself dozing off a few times. ‘It must be the car,’ she thought as she reclined the seat back in the Mustang Convertible Vaughn had rented.

The scenery could be described as no less than an impressionist painting come to life. Spring was definitely in the air and quite evident from the small flowers that tried to make their way from the cold winter ground. Each time Sydney stole a small glance from Vaughn she saw the same thing. He was still smiling, that same smile he’d carried with him since they left LAX. It was as if he knew something that no one else did and he wasn’t going to tell anyone, anytime soon.

Sydney resigned herself to the fact that Vaughn would reveal all to her when he was good and ready. Closing her eyes, she decided a small nap was in order. Five minutes, maybe fifteen, would be enough. The wind from their driving felt so good . . . so relaxing.

Sometime later, Sydney felt Vaughn’s lips on hers, waking her from her small nap. “Mmm . . . what time is it?” she asked, stretching her arms out as she sat in the car.

“About six thirty . . . you hungry?”

“Starved!” she answered. “Where are we?”

“Here,” was all that he would offer for an answer. As Sydney waited for Vaughn to come around and open her door, she glanced at their location. She knew they were in the countryside, trees beginning to wake from the winter wonderland that they had experienced not too long ago. She wasn’t sure, but Sydney swore she could hear a small running stream nearby. And then . . . there it was . . . the ‘here’ that Vaughn referred to.

“Shall we?” he offered, holding her car door open.

The ‘here’ was a small cabin, very antiquated in its style. Wrapping his arm around her waist once more, Vaughn guided Sydney up the stairs to the cabin. Opening the front door, he allowed her to enter first. She walked in, noticing the warmth that the cabin seemed to offer. It was . . . cozy. Straight ahead, there was a small kitchen with a dining area attached to it. To the left of the kitchen was a living room complete with fireplace, which oddly enough was already burning. To the right was, or at least Sydney assumed there was, the bathroom and of course the bedroom.

Sydney was so lost in thought that she didn’t notice that Vaughn had closed the front door. Standing behind her, he gently placed his hands on her arms, helping her take off her jacket she’d been wearing. “Would you like something to drink?”

“Some wine would be nice” she replied as she made her way over to the sofa. As she waited for Vaughn to bring her the drink, Sydney took in all that was around her. The living room seemed simple, but comfortable. There were some small knick knacks and photos which adorned the fireplace mantel. She couldn’t quite make out who were in the photos, but that did not matter. Vaughn had joined her on the sofa.

“Here,” he said, handing her a glass of wine.

Sydney took the wine in hand, a look of curiosity in her eyes as she sampled the drink. It was exquisite.

“So,” she began.

“So,” was all that Vaughn offered in response. "Do you know what day it is?" Vaughn paused for a moment. He’d planned everything so well, that he couldn’t . . .

“Um . . . Friday I think . . . why?”

“What date?” he pressed further.

“Well Vaughn it’s uh . . . February 13th, you mean like Friday the 13th?”

“Actually, it’s February 14th. Remember we’re in France.” Vaughn stopped for a moment, let his words penetrate into Sydney’s conscious.

“Vaughn? What are we doing here? And no more games . . . I want the truth.”

“Sydney. When I gave the DVD, I needed a way to show you me. I know . . . I mean I think I know that you love me, but I want to show you how much I love you. The DVD was my way of giving you a glimpse. Now, I want to show you more.”

“How much more?” Sydney pressed further.

“This much more,” Vaughn responded as he pulled something from his pocket. Sydney’s eyes widened as he presented her with the package. It was small, black and adorned with a red ribbon.

“Vaughn . . . I . . .” she tried to speak but found herself at a loss for words.

“Allow me,” he offered as he removed the ribbon from the package. Vaughn then opened the box. Inside was a ring. It was a simple band, with a single diamond embedded within. Taking Sydney’s hand in his, he looked into her eyes.

“Sydney. You have been . . . you’ve been everything to me ever since you entered my life. You actually made it more complicated, but I didn’t mind. When SD-6 was destroyed, I thought things would get easier, but I was wrong. They simply got more difficult. At first I thought it was work, or that it was you, or that it was everything else that made things difficult, but then I realized it was me. I wanted things to be so easy, but now I know they won’t be.”

“Vaughn . . .” Sydney tried to interrupt, but he wouldn’t let her speak.

“Please, let me finish. So as I began to think about things, it all came to me one night. Relationships are inherently difficult. Of course our line of work doesn’t make it any better. However, I do know one thing . . . no matter how difficult my life may get, no matter how complicated it may become, there is one person I want to be with me always. Sydney, that person is you. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

Sydney froze for a moment. Vaughn was quiet. He’d exposed himself more than he ever thought possible and now . . . he waited for a response.

Fighting back some impending tears, Sydney looked into Vaughn’s eyes. “I have just one question before I answer.”


“Why here? Why all the way in France?”

“Because, the last few times we were here, our experiences were far from . . . memorable. Remember, you saved my life the first time?”


“And remember the second time when we tried to have dinner?” Vaughn asked.

Sydney smiled as recalled their last visit to France. They were hoping to have a pleasant time at dinner. Instead, they ended up running for their lives and killing two of Ariana Kane’s men from SD-6 in the process. That was definitely one their most unforgettable dinner dates she had. “That’s an experience I don’t care to repeat.”

“Well, I wanted to create some new memories. Come with me.” Vaughn took Sydney’s glass from her and set it down on table near the sofa. He stood up and extended his hand to Sydney. Taking his hand in hers, she followed him to the bedroom.

Upon entering the room, Sydney was overwhelmed by the vision presented before her. The room had been lit, through some previous arrangement Vaughn had made no doubt. However, it was the way in which it was lit that made her want to cry. Candles and tea lights adorned the room, setting a mood of softness, warmth and comfort. Looking down at the floor, Sydney noticed that the hardwood floor was covered with small rose petals. Everything in the room was so . . . romantic. This was a side of Vaughn she’d never seen before and it was a side she wanted to see more of . . . now.

“Vaughn . . . it’s so . . . beautiful” she stammered.

“You’re beautiful,” he told her, wrapping his arms about her waist. Sydney responded to his touch by allowing herself to be lost in his arms, his embrace. She laid her head back on his shoulder, exposing her neck to him. Vaughn took note and began to place small kisses along her neckline while moving his hand underneath. A slight moan from Sydney’s lips told Vaughn all he needed to know. He’d made the right choice . . . having Sydney as a permanent part of his life was something he could get used to . . . quite easily.

Vaughn continued to show Sydney all that he wanted and all that he could do. He turned her so that she was now facing him, their eyes locked upon each other. She smiled. Vaughn knew that he’d exposed himself emotionally to Sydney and he survived. Now was time to move forward. He wanted to show her so much more. Tonight, they would create new and better memories of France.

Sydney was at a loss for words. Vaughn’s proposal of marriage on, of all days, Valentine’s Day, was something she could not have predicted. His virtual reality DVD was also something she’d never forget. She knew that it took a lot for Vaughn to lay himself out there before Sydney. The thought of all he’d done most recently made her want to cry. A single tear trickled down her cheek.

Vaughn saw the tear and reached up to catch it, kissing her cheek in the process. The taste was salty, but sweet. “Syd . . . I want . . . you . . .”

Syd understood. From this point forward, few words were needed. Looking at Vaughn, she started to remove his tie, allowing it to fall onto the ground. Next was his shirt. Sydney made quick work of the buttons and within a minute, Vaughn’s shirt joined his tie on the floor as well. He wore no undershirt. Sydney lightly raked her nails across Vaughn’s smooth and muscular chest, causing him to close his eyes and shudder in response.

When she was done, he spoke. “My turn” he told her.

Sydney raised her hands and allowed Vaughn to remove her sweatshirt. He chuckled to himself, when he realized he’d given her no time to change before taking off for France. Once he allowed the sweatshirt to fall from his hands, Vaughn was greeted by the loveliest vision before him. Sydney had not worn a bra. Her breasts seemed so round, so beautiful, so . . . perfect. They stood quite well on their own. Vaughn could not resist. Upon seeking permission from Sydney, a look granting him that which he wished, he leaned down and took one breast in his hand and began to massage it.

The effect he was having upon Sydney was readily apparent. She closed her eyes as Vaughn continued massaging. “Syd,” he spoke. She didn’t open her eyes. “Syd? Open your eyes.” He instructed. She did as he requested. Vaughn wanted Sydney to watch as he took her right breast in his mouth and began to suckle. At the same time, he took her left breast and continued with his ministrations. He could tell that she liked what he was doing.

Sydney in turn, did her best to stand upright. The sensations that Vaughn was sending through her body literally made her weak in the knees. First he would suckle her one breast, making it warm and wet with his tongue. Then he would blow on it, the cooling sensation sending shivers throughout. Seeing that she could no longer keep her balance, Vaughn took the opportunity and scooped Sydney up into his arms. He carried her over to the bed and gently placed her upon it.

He then removed her sweatpants and was once more greeted with the sight of Sydney’s nakedness. He couldn’t resist one small comment.

“Don’t you ever wear underwear?” he asked.

“Not at night. Remember, you didn’t let me change” she whispered in response.

“True, but I’m glad” Vaughn told her as he lay beside her. Sydney looked at him as he began to run his hand along her stomach and then down to her thigh and then to the small patch of curls that lay between her legs. When he stopped, she almost whimpered in disappointment. Vaughn quickly dispatched her disappointment when he placed two fingers inside of her wetness.

“Vaughn . . . oh . . .” she moaned. She was becoming fully aroused.

“Watch . . . “he urged. Sydney did her best to focus on Vaughn, although her continuing arousal was making things indeed difficult.

Vaughn continued to rub her clit, alternating between one and two fingers, bringing Sydney to the brink and then stopping. When he saw the disappointment in her eyes, Vaughn restarted his ministrations once again. This continued for quite some time. Sydney did not know how much more she could handle.

“Vaughn . . . I need you . . . inside me . . . NOW!” she growled.

“Patience . . . all it due time” he replied as he slid off of the bed for a moment, leaving Sydney wondering what would happen next. The next sensation Sydney felt was almost too much. Vaughn’s strong hands parted her legs a little more. Trying her best, Sydney tilted her head up to see what Vaughn was doing. The look on his face said it all.

“Oh god . . . Vaughn . . . you wouldn’t . . . I don’t know how much I can . . .”

Sydney was unable to finish her words as Vaughn buried his head into the sweetness he’d placed before him. His tongue longed to drink in all that Sydney would offer; first making contact with her clit and then pulling back. Sydney’s response was to buck her hips, indicating she wanted more. Vaughn was all too happy to oblige her. He continued his second wave of assault, bringing Sydney to the edge once more, pausing, and then restarting.

All of this was driving Sydney insane. She tried to sit up but Vaughn would not allow her, instead gently pushing down on her stomach, indicating he wanted her to lie back. He was the one who was in control tonight and now it was time for the final wave.

Vaughn stood once more, leaving Sydney to contemplate what would happen next. She heard a small sound; that of a zipper. She wondered what else Vaughn had in store for her tonight. Her answer came rather quickly as Vaughn mounted Sydney driving his hardened arousal into her, its throbbing nature becoming almost too much for her to bear.

“Vaughn . . .” she moaned. “You feel so . . . good.”

“So do you . . . ugh . . . Sydney . . . it’s so . . .” Vaughn lost his train of thought as Sydney’s muscles closed around his manhood, squeezing it, prolonging both of their arousals. Soon, the end would come, but not before Vaughn extended things for as long as possible.

Their final dance continued, patterns repeating over and over. For every thrust, Sydney responded by squeezing the muscles of her walls, increasing the contraction around Vaughn’s arousal. Vaughn, in turn, reacted by covering Sydney’s lips with his, a kiss of want and desire building within him. Sydney recognized the hunger and she in turn answered by wrapping her arms around Vaughn, drawing him closer into her embrace. He felt her nails dig into his backside, which increased the intensity of his thrusts.

“Syd . . . I don’t know how much longer . . .” he stammered, his energy almost expended.

“Vaughn . . . I’m . . . almost . . .” and then, they came. No words were spoken for a minute or two. Then, it was Sydney who broke the silence.

“Vaughn?” she asked.

“Yes?” he replied, a pleasant exhaustion heard in his voice.

“Yes.” She answered. It took Vaughn a moment to register what she said. It was a simple word, but then he realized it was more than that. It was an agreement to a request Vaughn had made of Sydney earlier. Vaughn beamed and he drew Sydney closer to him. Both held each other once more, but now something was different. They were in love, not “virtually” as she had experienced before, but really, truly, and honestly in love. Vaughn opened himself in so many ways to Sydney and he was not disappointed. Soon, they would be in love as . . . man and wife; for all eternity.


Well hopefully this is truly a celebration of love. I hope you like it and feedback is always nice

LaFemme :redhair:


Jan 12, 2007
:woot: i know my repily is late but oh well!!!
that was really good!!! (y)
hey does any1 know where i can get black leather, whip VAUGHN from???
i want 1 for myself!!!
black leather whip vaughn :vaughn1: = :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:


Jan 21, 2004
I'm glad you liked it. I think there's another stories. Send me a PM if you can't find them. I'm still around but not as much.

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