Ways you know you're an Alias fan


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Sep 13, 2003
579. You're running down the driveway to get the mail, when you see a moving truck with "Vaughn's Moving" on the side parked in your new neighbors' driveway. You stop so suddenly you almost fall down, and you begin hyperventilating. And now you really want to meet the neighbors. (My brother thouht I had gone crazy! :LOL: )


Jul 11, 2004
572. When you're actually upset because you DON'T do all of these things
573. and end up hating yourself because you're too damn lazy to make the effort to do them all
574. and you are going crazy during a wonderful alaskan cruise for 11 days because you don't have internet access!!!
575. then make up scenes of fanfiction while falling asleep just to quench your hunger for s/v romance
576. when you want to kill your only friend who watches alias because she refuses to talk about alias on monday mornings because she thinks you're WAY too obsessed.
577. when your sister's boyfriend, who you barely knows, always knows that you're reading (alias) fanfiction whenever you're on the computer

i got hooked at the end of S2 (who couldn't) and i hate myself because i'm so cheap that i refuse to buy the dvds at store price (come on $50??) but even though i haven't seen S1 or most of S2 i can recognize and say a lot more quotes than you would have imagined and know most of the plot lines all from reading fanfics, etc.


Aug 23, 2003
Sydney, Australia
580 When you get so excited when someone mentions Alias (in any way, shape, or form) that your friends begin to wonder if you're on medication to subdue your insane behaviour.
Jul 7, 2004
Outer Space!
581. You've bought all the seasons on dvd, and watch them so often that you can recite all the lines and describe all the scenes by heart to your friends that are trying to tell you to shut up.


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Mar 19, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
590. when you go SPAZ when you hera the number 47

591. when you go nuts when you see a picture of anyone of alias in a magazine and then you just HAVE to buy it

592. when you come to this site way too often and go 'meh! who cares about h/w! in such and such fic, syd could be DYING? let's see. syd almost dying? or algebraic expressions? hmmm'


Nov 11, 2004
My own little universe
593. you read allmost all the postings here 4hours and u do 99% of them.
594. You think ur friends are spys and they cant tell u.
595. you try to imitate(sp?) sydny faces in the two
596. you wonder how would u feel if you lost 2 years of your life.
597. when u saw S2 finalee, u didnt sleep the whole night , thinking what could have happen 2 her and would syd and vaughn b 2gether again.
598. you talk 2 objects thinking they might b bugs.
599. anything strnge that happens 2 u, u think its something 2 do w/ intellegence.
600. You think that echelon can read ur emails as well as listen 2 ur pone calls.


Jun 8, 2004
<span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'>601 ~ when your parents tell you it's a shame you can't do an alias GCSE (qualification)</span>
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