Sci-Fi Welcome to Retcon, your first choice for a second chance


Hi everyone!

I'm rolling out my new sci-fi time travel web series Retcon. The show follows the titular time travel agency, its staff, and its clients as they explore their new futures in the past.

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I'm writing and producing each episode — hence the Creative Writing forum post — and I'd love any and all feedback from passionate sci-fi fans. We've just released the fourth episode and there are sixth more to go.

Turns out time travel's really hard to write! But it's a fun experience and I'm keen for your thoughts.

If you can do time travel without useing historical events it would be less of a clithe.
Yea, agreed. The rules of the show are that you can only go back to your 18th birthday.

It's much more about the reasons people want to travel than necessarily where they end up and what they do after. Would love to know what you think of it?