When SHTF who would you trust, who would you not?


Aug 14, 2010
When the apocalypse actually happens, who would you trust? Who would you not?

For me I would only trust family, and select friends, and that's being generous. For the other part, I wouldn't trust any government broadcasts, and probably nothing the news told me in regards to what I should do.


Dec 7, 2012
I agree, I'd probably only trust family and close friends and would be cautious of other people. Just like many zombie movies and TWD has taught us - it's not just the dead you have to worry about :P


Dec 14, 2012
legokiba213 said:
Only family really. I mean Shane was Rick's close friend and we saw what happened XD
That was a slightly different situation though. Not like they just fell out and Rick shot him.

I think I would trust those who are close to me, plus friends at uni. Would set-up a place like the town on TWD but have it democratic. Well try.
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