Where do you buy ?

Morning everybody,

I'm interested to know where people look to buy stuff for their collections. Do you just look online, on auction sites and forums etc or do you have cool sci fi collectables shops in your area ?

I buy all sorts of stuff from boot fairs where many people don`t appear to know the value of some of the really collectable things they are selling, but it does mean trawling through all sorts of rubbish to find the treasure.


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Depends on the items. I keep an eye out for special promotions, like books signed by the authors and charity auctions, and will also browse eBay for unusual items.

The rest of the time I usually don't seek out items but if I happen to be somewhere with my wife then I'll see if any shiny things catch my attention.


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For comic books (or graphic novels for you fancy folks), there's a comic book store about 5 mins from my house. Like most comic book stores, they have a great offering of titles, vintage books and other geek stuff, although they're not as cool as the dudes on AMC's Comic Book Men. For general books, such as fictional novels or "how to" type books, I like to shop on Amazon. Use to shop at Barnes & Noble quite a bit, but the one in my city closed down, so now I have to travel to a neighboring state to reach the nearest B & N and that just makes me angry. So, to take the long, scenic route in answering your question, I collect books mostly and use a combination of online and local shops to get my fix.


I typically shop online, but that's because I live in a rural area so access to supplies for my various hobbies. Occasionally I make a trip into the city, but generally the prices are prohibitive anyway.


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With Kevin Smith owning the store and being behind the podcast, there are times when I suspect the employees of the store were cast more than they were hired.

Comic Book Men probably does have some scripted elements to it, just like most other "reality" shows. That being said, I find it very entertaining, mostly because I can relate to Kevin Smith, Walt, Mike, Bryan and Ming. My sense of humor is very much like that of the cast. My belief is that they had all been friends for years prior to the start of the show anyway, so it doesn't feel contrived to me.


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I visit local hobby stores, there is a Comic book store, which has everything, I took my nephew there a couple of times, but the only issue there is the owner hovers around too much, and I think he is paranoid of theft. That dude has mini cams on every aisle of his huge store. He gets a little too pushy for my taste, and I sure it scares off most customers, the other half of his store has those huge board games, and sales of the characters for it, so he gets all kinds;)..........


I'm a girl, so I don't collect anything except shoes ... :P
I'm a girl who loves my shoes too but.... I love props and costumes and buy the majority of my items through propstore.com either through the fixed price items or their auctions. Right now they have an auction for Star Trek 2009 and Into Darkness in association with Paramount. Some nice looking pieces there.