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Stargate Atlantis: Fan's Choice on Blu-ray is here! SGA:FC is the result of an online survey where you, the fans, voted for your favorite Stargate Atlantis episodes. Released on Blu-ray, SGA:FC will be "the only high definition release planned for the Stargate: Atlantis series" which means if you are fan then you will want this for your collection.

And now here is your chance to get a copy for free! :cool:

Yep, 100% free. Sponsored by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Home Entertainment, Cool Sci-Fi will be hooking up one lucky community member with a free copy of SGA:FC. And it is so easy to win! :eek:

Just tell us what your favorite Stargate: Atlantis moment is from the TV series & movies and one random responder will be selected as the winner! Spread out over five seasons there have been some incredible story lines, from the Asgard to the Replicators to the Wraith, there are so many moments that stand out that it will be hard to pick just one but we want to hear your one favorite moment.

The rules...

We'll keep it simple... Cool Sci-Fi staff members can participate but not win. All entries must be before midnight August 16, 2009. The prize will be provided by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Home Entertainment. Entries must be from the Stargate: Atlantis TV series & DVD movies. You can enter multiple times but only one prize will be awarded.

How to enter...

Just respond in this thread with your favorite moment for your chance to win! It really is that easy. :)

MGM said:


Home Entertainment Recruits Fans To Create And Design Packaging For The First And Only Stargate Atlantis Blu-Ray Disc Landing August 4

Includes The Top Two Consumer-Selected Episodes: “Rising” And “Enemy At The Gate”

LOS ANGELES, CA – MISSION: FANS’ CHOICE. MGM Home Entertainment commissioned sci-fi fans worldwide to vote for their favorite “Stargate Atlantis™” episodes and created the ultimate “Stargate Atlantis Fans’ Choice.” MGM Home Entertainment commissioned sci-fi fans worldwide to vote for their favorite “Stargate Atlantis™” episodes and created the ultimate “Stargate Atlantis Fans’ Choice” Blu-ray Disc for fans, by fans, arriving August 4.

Earlier this year, avid Atlantis followers had the chance to log onto and vote on the best episodes from the People’s Choice Award*-winning series. Giving consumers ultimate control from start to finish, fans also had the opportunity to design the cover art which was voted on by fellow fans and selected by “Stargate Atlantis” producers. With the series’ final season this year, fans can relive their favorite intergalactic moments as never before – in brilliant Blu-ray with impressive uncompressed audio and dazzling 1080p picture quality.

Over 20,000 votes were cast and the top two fan favorite episodes include the exhilarating feature-length pilot “Rising” and the white-knuckled extended version of the series finale “Enemy at the Gate.” Enshrined in the fan favorite galaxy are beloved characters John Shepard (Joe Flanigan; The Other Sister), Rodney McKay (David Hewlett; “The Triangle”), Teyla Emmagan (Rachel Luttrell; Imposter), Ronon Dex (Jason Momoa; “Baywatch: Hawaii”), Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping; “Sanctuary”) and Richard Woolsey (Robert Picardo; “Star Trek: Voyager”).

The “Stargate Atlantis Fans’ Choice” Blu-ray disc is the only high definition release planned for the “Stargate: Atlantis” series and will be available for the suggested retail price of $29.99 U.S. / $32.99 Canada. Prebook is July 8.

*2008: Winner for Best Sci-Fi Television Series

Stargate: Atlantis Fans’ Choice Blu-ray Disc Blu-ray Disc Specs:

“Stargate: Atlantis Fans’ Choice” Blu-ray Disc release is presented on Blu-ray Disc Dual Layer in widescreen format with English 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio, Spanish 2.0 Surround (“Rising”), Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital (“Enemy at the Gate”) and French 5.1 Dolby Digital with English, French and Spanish subtitles. Episodes include:

- “Rising”
- “Enemy at the Gate”
You guys & gals seem to be shy! OK, I'll start (even though I can't win)...

From Stargate Atlantis one of my favorite episodes is The Last Man from the end of Season 4 where Sheppard come back through the gate at Atlantis only to find the entire city is empty and instead of being surrounded by ocean there is nothing but sand. Working with a hologram image of McKay, Sheppard realizes that he has been sent far into the future with no way of reaching Earth.

I liked this particular moment because it was a great character story for Sheppard showing him in nearly total isolation with his future entirely dependent upon a hologram from the past with a theory that may or may not work. Typically Sheppard's character works best when played against a group of others but not in this case. The story ended up happy enough, with Sheppard getting back to his own time thanks to McKay and the hologram providing some key information regarding Teyla, but it is that imagery of Sheppard alone in a city surrounded by sand that I remember.
I am not shy I was just Drawn that way (okay so its a bad movie reference).

I have to say my favorite moment from an episode has to be from the first season episode 3 which is right after they first come thru the gate and see Atlantis for the first time and just figuring out what all the buttons do. It's like a kid in a toy store not knowing what to go play with first so they just start grabing everything. Just like rodney did grabbing the personal shield emitter and trying it before realizing he didn't know how to turn it off. :D

PS. I want a Personnel Shield Emitter.
I don't have one specific favorite moment but rather a class of moments, all practically identical to each other, where Ronon brought the inane tedium of the minutia, that Stargate Atlantis sometimes got down deep into, back to the reality of what mattered and what was critically important, like this scene:

Dr. Rodney McKay: They emit a directional beacon that disrupts the replicators and breaks them apart.
Ronon Dex: Not what I asked.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Yes, they work good.
Ronon's line here -- the way he delivered it -- was great IMHO.

In a way, I think Ronon was the ultimate viewer advocate, keeping things real, not getting lost in the forest, principled (in his own way -- another plus), and heroic, without being preachy. I think these were things that Shepherd was supposed to be, but Flanigan could never quite pull it off, like Richard Dean Anderson (and later Ben Browder) could in Stargate SG-1, and so Stargate Atlantis needed Ronon.
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