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Oct 20, 2007
Disney has a new movie coming out that imagines the life of video game characters when they are not being played in a game. Wreck-It-Ralph is the villian character of an 8-bit video game named Fix-It Felix Jr. that is a nod to Donkey Kong. After doing the same thing day after day for 30 years in the same arcade he is tired of being the bad guy.

Voiced by John C. Reilly, Ralph breaks free from his game and into that of a popular violent first-person shooter. Chaos follows as Ralph accidentally frees a villain from the game and he must make it right.

Gamers will recognize references to games such as Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, and Call of Duty as well as guest appearances from Zangief (Street Fighter), Clyde (the orange ghost from Pac-Man), Q-Bert, Doctor Robotnik / Doctor Eggman (Sonic the Hedgehog), Bowser Koopa (Super Mario Bros), and a host of other characters.

Wreck-It-Ralph is directed by Rich Moore, former animation director of The Simpson and Futurama, and will be the 52nd animated Disney title. Along with Reilly other character voices are provided by Jane Lynch (Glee) and Sarah Silverman.

Scheduled US release date is November, 2012.



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Aug 4, 2011
Animation domination continues! I'll check out the reviews first before I throw down money to see it.
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