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    Season 5 Is Anyone Else Excited About Sark?

    I wouldn't say the cardinal. I agree with carolinaspy, from what the caretaker said after Peyton got the book its pretty clear that Sloane contacted him.
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    Season 5 prophecies?

    Plus the fight was suppose to be to the death.
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    Season 5 Are they getting sloppy? spoilers!

    The lights might have been triggered to turn on when the door was activated to open. I noticed the silencer shots too.
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    Season 5 So Much Violence

    Seems to me they are just killing off characters randomly. I was disappointed to see Renee go for she was so useful. Hopefully they don't keep slaughtering people randomly. Nadia's death kind of throws out the sisters killing each other over the Rambaldi end game they brought up last season.
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    Season 5 isabelle

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    Season 5 Flopping Shots

    Looks like just an editing error. They have the mirror image edited in. Either that or someone in the editing room was bored and decided to see who would notice.
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    Season 5 She knows it...?!

    Careful fellas I was repremanded for a flame with a similar post earlier this year. FYI.
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    Season 5 isabelle

    What picture with Nadia are you guys talking about?
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    Season 5 Page 47

    I doubt they would really give up the orginal page. They didn't mention anything about the page being authenticated. Now we know where the prophecy is heading and how far some people go to make sure Rambaldi is verified. Remember the whole duel of the sisters bit from last season?? Its going...
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    Season 5 the baby

    No they were in the North Atlantic. I believe they had plans to go to Hungary at first.
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    Season 5 Is Vaughn the Cardinal?

    Sloane is being blackmailed by Prophet 5 for the cure for Nadia. Grace is working with the Cardinal which I don't believe to be Vaughan. The message Grace needed to get to the Cardinal had nothing to do with the birth of the child. It was way too early in the episode to be that information.
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    Season 5 Witness Protection Program

    The Witness Protection Program is also used for 'rats'. If someone wants to snitch to get immunity and then needs to be protected they can go into the Witness Protection Program.
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    Season 5 The Cardinal

    Delvin knows who the Cardinal is. I doubt that he is the Cardinal. I like the Vaughn being Rambaldi thing but that is way out there. Vaughn is just Vaughn I think part of Rambaldi's plan but never mentioned by Rambaldi.
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    Season 5 the baby

    I believe the ship was on the way to Hungary. That is just my opinion though.
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    Season 5 Rachel ties?

    I think it is more of a frame job than Rachel helping out.
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