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    Teens Get Online 'Eraser Button' With New California Law

    Azhria Lilu I was thinking the same thing before you got to this: It's unbelievable that this is happening. You don't learn from your mistakes if you're taught that your mistakes can easily be undone!
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    What do you call this?

    I call it a roll.
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    Same here. Shawn and I are the resident vapers on DJ. :)
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    Politics Where do you stand, politically?

    I am socially liberal and fiscally conservative, to quote Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota if I remember correctly. That said, I have an unhealthy disdain toward politicians in general. I will NEVER vote.
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    Body Art

    He's hot. Would be more than willing to bet that's fake. You'd think if it were possible to match skin tone perfectly, people would get better tattoos.
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    Did you miss me? Cry no more; here I am. LOL

    You kids sure are doing a lot of bitching.
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    Drama Taken 2

    I like the first one more. It's tough with a movie like Taken. It's hard to reboot a story that for all intents and purposes, ended after the first instalment.
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    Harsh Obituary

    I'm very fortunate to have a loving mother.
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    Politics Is Porn Dangerous?

    That is the most truthful thing I've seen on the internet in a long time.
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    Politics Is Porn Dangerous?

    Educational purposes? LOL! How about seeing it and thinking, "hey, that may be a good idea."
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    Politics Is Porn Dangerous?

    So, you based your opinion of them being stupid off the fact that your anecdotal evidence suggests that porn stars make stupid decisions?
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    Politics Is Porn Dangerous?

    It may be your opinion, and that's fine, but your earlier arguments are junk.
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    Politics Is Porn Dangerous?

    Thank you for adding another valid point to my argument!
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    Politics Is Porn Dangerous?

    Depends on whose cock it is. :p
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    Politics Is Porn Dangerous?

    You know, there's a huge market for tiny-cock fetish porn...
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