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    What Do You Play?

    From best to worst... 1. Alto Saxophone 2. Guitar 3. Clarinet 4. Drums 5. Bass Guitar 6. Piano
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    Season 5 React: There's Only One Sydney Bristow

    Now see...I think all I have to say about this episode is this: Alias is back...for sure. The club scene, the jokes ("My wife's kind of a wh*re"-lmao). I know this may sound bad, but for me, watching Syd in those missions seemed a little ridiculous, you know? So watching all of...
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    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck V

    I was actually born with blue eyes (like all babies) as well. My parents thought that I would have blue-eyes because mine didn't change until really late. Maybe around 8 months or so. Either way, once they changed, they changed to dark, dark brown. So you never know. :)
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    Season 5 5.14 Title

    Alias comes back with a 2-hour episode Wednesday, April 19th at 8/7c.
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    Alias awaiting return slot

    Agreed. Everyone needs to take a step back and chill out. Alias is coming back. It's a matter of "when" not "if." Overreacting to this is like freaking out about the McRib not being on the McDonald's menu. Everyone knows it always comes back. :P So relax. Watch Alias DVD's. That's a more...
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    "Catch and Release"

    Yeah the one week they filmed in my home town (Boulder, CO, which is where it takes place) I was in California with my dad. I was SO mad too, considering Jen filmed about 3 feet away from my old office.
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    My class rank, out of 2000 students, is 47.
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    Season 5 React: The Horizon can do it! It's hard for me too! Everytime I see a thread with "spoiler" in the title, I'm soooo tempted! Just know you're not the only one struggling... We can make it! :D *Stamps Nicaspoilerpatches on both our arms* :P
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    Season 5 React: The Horizon

    That huge shock prompted me to go spoiler free too! It reminded me of how incredibly amazing it is to be that surprised! So far? I've been 5 days spoiler-free. So maybe that doesn't sound that great...but for a girl who used to look at them all the freaking time, I'd said it's pretty darn good...
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    ABC to End 'Alias' Run in May 2006

    As sad as I am right now, I am going to try my best to live in the present: enjoying and appreciating all the anticipation that builds up before every episode, loving the feeling of running to the TV room to tape the episode at the very last minute, and becoming so involved with theh show that I...
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    Season 5 New Vaughn Rumour Of The Positive Kind

    *Shrugs* Meh. *Ties string around waist and lets TPTB pull*
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    Season 5 ALL Vaughn speculation

    Many people will classify me as being in 'denial,' but I stand my case. The reason why his name is not on the websites anymore is because he is not a show regular anymore. But just because he's not a regular doesn't mean he isn't going to appear at all. However, many people are upset at the...
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    Season 5 JJ addresses rumors

    *Shrugs* I love S3. Season 4 could have been better but, alas, I still enjoyed the show immensely *shrugs again* As an optimist, I am holding out for the best. I am hoping that JJ is not misleading us, but many may consider me to be naive.
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    Season 5 Countdown to Prophet 5

    Lordy! Only 3 more days?! No way! And think how far we've come! :D
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    Season 5 Important News regarding Michael Vartan/Vaughn

    Well, since "Vaughn"'s name really isn't Vaughn (and I'm assuming, it never has been), he's been pretty much lying to everyone the whole time. This much was revealed when he told Sydney that his true identity was not "Michael Vaughn". I don't have an answer to as how they will explain how he...
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