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    Lessons from LOTRO

    I've had this conversation with a friend of mine as well.... what i'd like to see is dynamic dungeons. When you enter a dungeon, its random where the traps will be, where the critters will be, and even wether or not the boss will be there for you to kill. I'd also like to see progressive...
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    Game looks

    I still play EQ, and I've tried WoW, EQ2, VG, etc... for me its the gameplay and community more than anything.... if the gameplay is too simplistic, i get bored... but there also has to be community... I don't want to have to solo all the way up to cap before I can get a group... soloing is fine...
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    Looking fer a guild!

    And that would be me!
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    The confusion hits!

    if you have a can of air (compressed air)... take out your video card, and spray down the card port... also clean the contacts on your video card with alcohol and plug it back in... it may or may not help the situation, but its cheap and easy to do and works sometimes. as for the fan...
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    Should there be evil players as well or not?

    not sure that "evil" could really be defined as just "not caring for life"... evil races usually care about certain types of life... just not necessarily the same life that a good race would... instead of caring about trees and fluffy bunnies, they might like spiders, or bats... and they most...
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    Death Penalty

    The CR in old EQ (before the corpse summoners) was perfect to me. Loss of exp, and you have to go find your corpse. WoW was way too cheesy, and debuffs or something from a death just makes things a bit too hard. Item Decay just blows tho... its a needless sink that doesnt benefit anything or...
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    A question among questions!

    lol... I attacked a coke machine at walmart yesterday... 3 coke machines, and they kept taking my change... i got po'd so I started cussing at it and pretty much smashed it up enough to get my change back
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    Pet Pics!

    Here's my ferocious wolf, "Ash", taken during halloween... 96% Artic Wolf, 4% mixed Sheppard and Alaskan Malamute, weighs in at just over 120lbs now (was around 100lbs in the picture @ 9months old) I took a bunch of fake blood and smeared it around his snout for the costume, he's a big baby...
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    A keyboard problem...

    i've gotten adept at cleaning my boards.... the keyboard i use isnt made anymore, i went and bought 4 of em on ebay so i'd have spare parts.... so every few months i take it apart, clean it all up, and make it good as new.... same keyboard since 1995.. lol... (granted i've had to change out...
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    A keyboard problem...

    time to take the ole keyboard apart and clean it out with some alcohol. =)
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    Tiered pricing *will not work*

    I wouldnt have a problem with tiered pricing, depending on how its implemented.... higher price for a special RP server that is much better enforced would be ok with me.... the ticketed events thing i'm not sure about, depends on how they implement it.
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    RP Feature Suggestions

    unfortunately... voice chat would also ruin any RPing ability, unless you can talk the way your character would... but for those crossdressers out there, they'll have a hardtime managing that. VC is also a bad idea in that not everyone can participate, or _WANT_ to participate, but if its in...
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    RP Feature Suggestions

    I like the idea of the non-lethal PVP.... that'd be a great addition, especially to a PVP server... my biggest issue with PVP tho is the constant gankfests... you get some tool in a maxed out toon camping the newbie areas, and rarely, if at all, does anyone thats high enuf to kill him even...
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    Censorship:What do you notice first?

    pretty tame... beating up the girl in the beginning was a lil harsh, but didnt show much blood... the head popping was just funny, and the old man deserved the punch to the face... all in all.. tame stuff
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    What road shall you walk upon?

    Re: What road shallyou walk upon? Lone adventurers are not _always_ alone.. I will be RPing the lone wolf, but that doesnt mean I wont be grouping and hunting with other folks. But then, I also wont be on a PVP server.