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XenForo 1 Egg Avatar 1.0

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EGG AVATAR (formerly available at Egg Avatar [Deleted]) $10 PayPal

Throw eggs, shoot paintballs, rip avatars... do all of this easily with a couple clicks of the mouse.

NOTE: This add-on is currently available for free until if/when time allows for it to be updated. Support is Peer-to-peer support only. It is what it is, as-is.

Take your member's avatars from this:

... to this:

  1. Upload the contents of the upload folder to the root of your XenForo installation
  2. Complete install via the Admin CP using the provided XML file.Alternatively, works with Add-On Installer as well.


AdminCp --> Home --> Options --> Egg Avatar

A few options here.
  • Forums - select forums that are allowed to have items thrown in. (although not selected, the other forums will still have whatever item on avatar still shown, you just lose the throw link)
  • Excluded Users - Users that are immune to having items stuck to their avatars.
  • Banned Users - Don't want acccess for someone, list them here.
  • Minimum Time - Time before being able to throw again.
  • Clean Avatar - Clean per user or all at once.

Configuration/Egg Avatar

AdminCP --> Home --> Egg Avatar

To add, click +Add New Item, follow instructions:

Again, simple interface
  • Item Name - Name your item
  • Item Durations - Work In Progress, not completed. Will not effect application
  • Action - Throw or Clean
  • Disable Resizing - Have image stay a constant size entire time, or change sizes on each throw
  • Image - upload your image

Logs/Egg Avatar

AdminCP --> Tools --> Logs --> Egg Avatar Log

Postbit Locations

What the "Thrower" sees:

What the other member sees:

Once clicking on "Clean", a pop up box appears, and you can clean off your avatar.

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