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May 22, 2003
Pacific Grove, CA
To see what the theories are, they are below:

bigaliasfan Theory:

OK....everyone close your eyes and think back to episode one of the season finale (I can't keep up with their names). Do you remember when Jack was laying on the bed (looked kinda like a hospital gernie) and the lights started blinking. Here's what I think...Sloan was tipped off probably by Sark or the evil Francie and then activated the Rambaldi device which sent everything into an alternate universe. Which would mean in reality Vaughn would not be married...etc. Any thoughts?


My sister was telling me of a new theory, remember when Syd was at the hockey Arena with Vaughn, when Vaughn left, Irina Derevko came in and began to tell Sydney some information, sydney charged at her but was tackled to the ground, she hit her head on the ice. Maybe she became unconscious after or something and then woke up in Hong Kong. I don't know how much sense this makes, but my sis told me it was interesting so what do you guys think?

Kalan Theory:

Remember that the assembled Rambaldi Device is called "the Telling." So i think that 2 years isn't really in the future. it's not real time. it's a glimpse. it's a telling of things to come. like there's no time travel, but sydney is seeing something outside our realm of reality (think The Matrix). Actually i think the plot has a lot of similarities to the matrix...there's a prophecy that says there is only one who can save the world...let me know what you think!

AliasDog Theory:

This is a rumor that I have heard about the start. It sounds pretty true.

Sydney wakes up in Hong Kong. She phones Kendall with all the confirmation code stuff and is sent to the local CIA safehouse. Vaughn comes in, hugs and everything, and says, "You've been missing for almost two years."


The closeup shot of Syd goes for a while and when it goes dark, it is "ALIAS" and then zooms into the S and it shows Los Angeles at night. Below is the subtitle "Los Angeles, About Two Years Ago." The next scene shows Vaughn unlocking the door to his house. Vaughn walks in with the mail and takes off his coat. He searches for the cell phone, but he can't find it. All of a sudden, he remembers where he put it. He had stashed it in Syd's coat. He picks up his house phone and gives her house a call. "Hey Sydney, it's Vaughn. I left the cell phone in your jacket, so if I could stop by and grab it, that would be great. Thanks, Syd. Love ya."

The next day Vaughn stops by Syd's house and knocks on the door. When nobody answers, Vaughn figures she's at the office. Vaughn drives over to the CIA office. Once inside, Vaughn walks over to Kendall. "Hey, is Syd- I mean, is Agent Bristow here yet?" Kendall says "Not yet. She's gotta be here, though. There's a new briefing." The camera closes in on Vaughn, with a confused look. "Kendall, I'll be back in a minute."

Vaughn drives over to Syd's house. He checks the front door, but it's locked. "Francie? Francie!" Vaughn goes around and checks the side door, which is strangely broken. Vaughn walks in, puzzled. He checks around. "Sydney? Sydney?" Vaughn goes into the bathroom, and finds Will, stabbed, lying in the bathtub. Vaughn is freaked out, so he looks around. Eventually he heads into...the bedroom. Vaughn opens the door, finds Freplica shot to death. He looks over to where a shattered mirror lies. All that's there is the coat that Syd wore home that previous night with the phone. (Goes dark, theme montage starts)

Later, Syd wakes up cold and tired to find she's been her mom.

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