A Dream Come True


Mar 12, 2003
Yay! PARTY!! :cool: :D The dress was really pretty! Can't wait for Vaughn to see her in it. Great idea of writing in diary form! (y) Please can you PM me when you update, thanks!!

nattie :flower:
no problémo everybody but unfortunatly ems was supposte
to have the next chapter written for you guises wednesday
but she got grounded 4 some stupid reason and this weekend
she'll be at her dads and she may not have access to her dads
labtop so you may not get the next chapter till tuesday or so
thanks for the reviews

i'll see about posting a spoiler later

Dec 22, 2002
Hello, Ems and Kim! :)

I loved the chapters that you posted! :) The ear rings and necklace and dress were really pretty! :) Keep writing, and please PM me when you guys update! :)

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P.S. Now I can bother you two to update instead of you always bugging me! :LOL: j/k...although I probably will ;) :angelic:


Apr 5, 2003
Buenos Aires, Argentina
hi girls! i wanna say this fic is soooooo cute! i think he bought her the balck dress. And that necklace is unbelievable pretty!!! i want one 4 myself! :LOL:
pleasse pm me when there's more, and make it asasp!


Aug 1, 2003
hiya! immmmm baaaaaaaaaaack! i take it u talked to my mom kim? hahahahaha.....i went to new brunswick with my stepmom and 3 step sis's for most of the time i spent ''with my dad'' so much for spendin time with him! instead i spent time on the beach with the gals and a bottle of wildberry vodka cooler stuff (i'll call u and xplain kimmi) and we made a killer sandcastle but the tide swept it away, and i got burnt soooooo bad on my back, and on the way home, the customs guy was an ass, we finally got back into quebec after lotza bad luck, and we get a flat, so we pull over where there's this light thing, and it was a construction HQ sorta, with like, a truck and a trailer thingy for the construction guys......so my sis and i climbed up onto the truck and then from there onto the trailer, and then we got back down and we took some construction signs like 'road block' and 'local traffic only' and stood by the side of the road, until a guy started to pull over and we ran......and then we climbed back up onto the trailer, and i saw a guy in the window of a house across the road on the phone, and i said to my sis 'wouldn't it be funny if he was calling the cops?' and then the cops weren't showing up so we were ok, so then my stepmom fixes the tire, and we're about to pull out when a cop car pulls in blocking the exit. they checked out the truck we climbed on, told us if the company complained we would hear from 'em......we didn't so i think we're okay..................anyways, thats my story, and between sunburns, my baby sis (that we left at home with my dad)'s cries when we got back, and the cops showing up on my sis (who's my age) and i, i was able to write more. i'll post it tomoro, its late so im gonna go to bed night night!



Aug 1, 2003
hi ppl...........kim i kno u check this so becos im lazy, im gonna give u a bit of the chap that i've written and u can post it, i'll take coare of the rest, cos im still lookin for a good ending to the chap...... call me 2 lemme know when i can drop it off



Aug 1, 2003
Sydney walked over to the door and opened it. There stood Vaughn, wearing a dress suit and he had put gel in his hair! He wasn’t wearing a tie, and Sydney thought he looked utterly amazing. She had to admit though, she looked amazing too. Her hair done up in a bun, her strapless dress, her earings and necklace.... Sydney had never looked Better. And Vaughn agreed.

“Wow Sydney, you look uh, amazing!” said Vaughn.

“Thank you, you don’t look too bad yourself!” replied Syd. “Do you want to come in? I just have to grab a couple things.”

“Uh, sure,” saud Vaughn, stepping inside. ‘Nice place”

“Thank you, but I have to admit, Fran did most of the decorating, I was never one for art, deco and design in highschool,” said Syd laughing. “So um, make your self comfortable, I gotta brush my teeth and grab my purse.”

Vaughn sat down on Syd’s couch. He was looking around Syd’s apartment. Francie was a good decorator! Finally, Syd came out.

“Okay, you ready to go?”

"Yah" said Vaughn. “But first.... Syd, I know the CIA doesn’t want us to date. But I can’t help but be attracted to you. So, my wish is for you to be my secret date for the night. Because Sydney, I love you.” Syd fell into his arms, into a big hug.

“Oh Michael, you don’t know how long I have been waiting for you to say those words. I love you too!”

It was a big mushy gushy affair, until Syd noticed the clock. The party started at 4:30... It was 4:35. She was late... But she was never late!

“Michael- ”

“Wait, did you just say my name?” asked Vaughn, a big smile on his face.

“Why yes I did. Cool. Anyways, It’s 4:35.... maybe we should get going.”

“You’re right. Let’s get outta here then! But I do have one request. Come and spend Christmas Dinner with me. I mean, it won’t just be me, Weiss will be there, but still, will you?”

“Of course I will!” With a kiss, they went out into the hallway, lock ed the door, and headed down to Vaughn’s car.

In the Car

“Michael, I’m just letting you know, Marshall has found a way to get me to my mother tonight, so if I disappear, that’s where I’ll be. I’m just telling you because you don’t have to come, and I don’t want you to worry.”

“Can I come?” asked Vaughn. Syd was shocked. He had just asked if he could go with her and say Merry Christmas to his father’s killer. Before she could say anything. “Syd, I just figured that I could make ammends with Irena. I mean, it seems she was forced to kill..... It’s just that I love you so much, it would be nice if ONE of your parents approved of me.”

“Wow, umm, yah of course you can come with me! But are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure. I don’t think I’ve ver been surer about anything. I mean, you’re the one I love, so I’ll do anything for you, and I think one of those things is at least talking to your mother.”

“Vaughn you have no idea how much this means to me.”

At the CIA

“Sydney! Mike! Wattup?” said Weiss, acting his usual self.

“I’m definitely fine,” answered Vaughn.

“Yah, I’m good too! Umm, Michael, I’m just going to see my Dad. Do you want to come?”

“Uh, sure,” replied Vaughn

“Wait, dude, what are you smoking? You’re going to go over to Jack Bristow by
” Vaughn just laughed.

“Yah, I am!” And the two left, hand in hand....Kendall was nowhere to be seen. When they got there, Jack didn’t notice right off the bat.

“Hello Sydney! Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas Dad” replied Sydney.

“Hello Mr. Vaughn. Merry Christmas,” said Jack politely, sticking out his hand to shake Vaughn’s.

“Merry Christmas Jack,” said Vaughn letting go of Syd’s hand to shake Jack’s.

That’s when Jack noticed.

“Sydney, darling, can I talk to you for a second please?”

“Um, ok,” replied Syd. She looked at Vaughn, a look that said ‘oh god with me luck’. Vaughn mouthed the words ‘good luck’ to her from behind Jack’s back.

“Sydney, might I remind you of CIA protocol? Why were you holding Michael Vaughn’s hand?”

“Dad, you know what, screw protocol. As long as Kendall doesn’t know, does it really matter? I was hoping you would be happy for me! I’m with the man of my dreams, and you’re chewing me out for it. Thanks, so fatherly of you. You know, most dads would just ask if he’s a good guy, with no criminal record, and if he’s divorced or something. And you already know the answers to those questions. Now, my boyfriend and I are going to wish my mother a merry christmas, maybe she’ll have a more positive reaction. Merry Christmas.” At that, Sydney left her father standing alone, and went to Vaughn.

“How’d it go?” asked Vaughn, as he put his arm around her. Even though he had overheard the entire thing, he thought he’d ask.

“How do you think it went? He’s all by-the-book. He can’t even be happy for his only daughter when she’s with the man of her dreams on Christmas.”

“Hold up. I’m the man of your dreams?” asked Vaughn, pulling Syd close. They were in a hallway on the way to see Irena, so no one could see them.

Syd blushed. “Yah, I guess you are!” Vaughn pulled her close and kissed her.

Letting go, they kept walking, hand in hand to Irena’s cell. Finally they got there. The guards let them in (they had been pre-informed that Syd was coming), and Syd ran over to her mother.

“Hi! How are you? Merry Christmas!” said Syd. Vaughn just stood back, until Irena noticed him.

“I’m good, thank you! You too!” Turning towards Vaughn, she didn’t even get a chance to speak again before he did.

“Hello Miss Derevko. Merry Christmas.”

“Oh my god. Michael Vaughn?”

“So mom, you know my lovely boyfriend?”

“Your boyfrind? Oh Sydney, that is so wonderful!” She turned and spoke to Vaughn...

“Mr. Vaughn, I trust you will take care of her? And that you will take care of each other? As I’ve done neither of you any favours.....”

“Um, miss Derevko-“

“Irena” said Irena

“Irena, I do not want to hold your past against you, and neither does Sydney. I have come here to tell you that I love your daughter, and that in that case, I would like to be on uh, better terms with you.”

“Mr. Vaughn-“


“Michael, I cannot ask you to forgive me. What I did- it’s not something you can just forget.”

“Irena, I am going to forgive you. Forgive, but never forget. But Sydney is worth my forgiving you. But you're right, I will never forget it.”

“Oh Michael,” said Irena, hugging Vaughn quickly. “I don’t know what to say. This means so much to me!”

“Michael, this is why I love you,” said Syd, kissing Vaughn. “So mom, I have to say, this has been my best Christmas, but how are you?”

“I’m feeling wonderful!”

“Good. Now, we have to get back, but when we come back to work in a few days, I’ll come and see you,” said Syd.

“Okay. Sydney, I love you.”

Sydney heard her, but she couldn;t talk to her, because she was out of the cell. Instead she remembered something her and her mother did when she had been a little kid. She pointed to her eyes, then crossed her hands over her heart, then pointed to her, then put two fingers up. I. Love. You. Too. And then she walked away, back to the party.

hey guys, yah i didn'y have anything to do, so i typed this up, but this isn't it.....there's more comin!



Aug 1, 2003
When they got back to the ballroom that had been made just for CIA special occasions, (it was just a normal ballroom, and CIA people could bring anyone they wanted because it was fairly normal-looking and had no inclination of having anything to do with CIA at all), Jack walked up to Syd. He seemed a little unsteady.

“Sydney, I’m sorry for what I said earlier, I was being an ass. Mister Vaughn....I love you man,” he said giving Vaughn a hug.
“Dad, are you, drunk?”
“No! Im not drunk! I’m-“ but he didn’t finish his sentence. He just fell into Sydney’s arms. Luckily, no one noticed, because they were off in a corner.
“Syd, I think I’m gonna drive him home. I’ll be back in a bit. Love you.”
“Thanks Micheal, love you too.” So Vaughn went to drive Jack home, and Syd walked over to Will and Francie and Weiss and some other
“Hey Fran! I didn’t know you were coming!”
“Well, just after you left, Will called me and said that he didn’t have a date, so I came with him. But I didn’t know you two worked together!”
“Well,” interrupted Will, “You know how I work for the newspaper right? Well, it wasn’t paying much, so I decided to apply for a job at the bank. I got it. I can’t believe I never told you! Then again, it only happened like, a week ago,” he lied.
“Pretty cool huh?” asked Syd. “So Weiss, where’d your date?” she said laughing.
“My date? Why are you worrying about me when you have Mike on your arm? Where is he anyways?”
“He forgot something at home. And yes, you have a point, I do get Mike, but since he isn’t here right now, and there’s a dance coming up, would you like to dance?” Of course, Weiss said yes, and they went and danced on the dance floor.

When Finally Vaughn got back, Weiss was the first to notice.
“Syd, your knight in shining armour is back, and I think he wants to dance with you.”
True to what Weiss said, Vaughn was making his way to where Weiss and Syd had been dancing.
“No hard feelings Weiss?”
“No way girl. Have fun!”
With that, Vaughn swept Syd away in a slow dance that was the most magical Sydney had ever experienced.

there u go.....thats all 4 now, more later i still have one more bit 2 post.....so u guys are probably all wondering why this part wasnt in diary form? well not all of it is gonna be......sorta like, half anf half..........ttyl!
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