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Starbeast from Planet X

Benevolent Galaxy Being
The cartoon "Adventure Time" has won an Emmy and I have never watched the show, I thought it was for little kids so I didn't check it out. I may now have to watch it to see if I'd enjoy it as well. I remember when Spongebob was on TV for it's first year, I didn't pay any attention to it until people (children & adults) kept telling me how funny it was. Then after watching it, I became a big fan for a few years, today I've seen enough of Mr Squarepants, there aren't as many funny episodes as there used to be.


I hope you definitely check it out Starbeast! I think you'll love Adventure Time. I used to like Spongebob but the jokes went to the toiler in the later years and I got annoyed with some of the immoral hidden content.

Adventure Time has innuendo and humor but it isn't junky. I pray the show continues to remain excellent. Some of the best episodes of Adventure Time that I can recommend to you are 'The Enchiridion', 'Memory of A Memory', 'Mystery Train', 'City of Thieves', 'Wizard Battle', 'Mortal Folly' and 'Heat Signature'.