Bittersweet Memories


May 14, 2006
Here is the long awaited chapter five I’m so sorry that I haven’t updated any of my fic’s these days because I have been focusing on me challenge piece for this month ‘Disorientated.’
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Chapter Five
The Ultimate Plan


(phone conversation)
“Hello, Sydney.” That voice drawls to me and my heart starts to beat ten million times a minute. I walk into the kitchen quickly.
“What do you want?” I ask in a cold voice.
“Sydney unless you do exactly as I say the next time you see your precious daughter and Mr. Vaughn you will be forced to plan their funerals.”

“What do you want?” I ask her again. I tremble slightly in fear.
“I want the Rambaldi manuscript.” She says plain and simply.
“The manuscript is worthless. Page 47 is the only valuable document and nobody has decoded it yet. So if you’re hoping that we have decoded it then don’t get your hopes up because we haven’t either.” I say quickly and logically to her.
“Whoever said that I didn’t have the decoder?” She drawls out mockingly.
“What?” I say to her in complete shock.
“I have the decoder and I plan on using it on page 47. All you have to do is steal it from the CIA facility.” She says casually making it sound so easy. Why is she freely giving up this information I wonder?
“You’re crazy.” I spit out to her in disgust. “Do you really think I’m going to do that for the likes of you?” I ask her in astonishment.
“Sydney, you seem to forget what you have riding here if you don’t, so I’ll make it clear to you once more. If you don’t do as I ask then I will end the lives of your precious Haylee and Mr. Vaughn. Is that…”
“Okay, I’ll do it.” I say reluctantly giving into her.
“Good girl. You will leave the manuscript at warehouse 63 in the northern backstreets of LA.”
“Okay.” I say to her nervously.
“You have 24 hours.” She says shortly and she hangs up. I stare at the wall in amazement and shock. I feel disgusted just thinking about what I’m about to do. But I’m doing it for them and only them. I walk back out to the living room and Haylee is giggling just as she was before. She is having a blast playing with Vaughn. Vaughn looks up at me in concern.
“Who was that?” He asks curiously and in complete concern.
“Francie.” I say to him without even thinking. “She just called to tell me that she got the space to open up her restaurant. She’s so over the moon.” I say smiling at Vaughn. A lie but it’s true except she told me yesterday.
“That’s great, pass on my congratulations.” He says to me getting up and kissing my cheek. I smile at him broadly.
“I’ll be sure to do that. You and Haylee seem to be getting along fine.” I comment trying to steer away from the previous phone call.
“She’s gorgeous Syd, and by the looks of it completely exhausted. I’ll put her to bed if you would like.” He says to me softly.
“Yeah, that would be great.” I say to him sitting down on the sofa. As he leaves I think about how I am going to approach the task at hand and to do it without being caught. The CIA facility is heavily guarded. How am I going to do this alone? I groan in exasperation and frustration. Vaughn appears right at that moment.
“Are you okay?” He asks in immediate concern.
“I’m fine, just tired I guess.” I say to him with honest truth. I crawl into his lap and kiss him gently. He runs his hands up my back gently. “I’ve been looking forward to spending some time alone with you.” I whisper into his ear seductively.
“Me too.” He says whispering back. I kiss him hungrily until I need to come up for air. He gently picks me up and leads me to my bedroom. He lays me gently down onto the bed and for the rest of the night we make love and start the dance we have perfected over the past.


I climb into the vents of the CIA facility and softly make my way through the bends and turns and stop at an opening. With a small rod-like camera I lower it through the vents and look around the room below. All clear. I gently open up the vent and I pull out another gadget called a CCTV interrupter. It puts out the security camera for sixty seconds just enough time to get into the security room below and deactivate the security. I activate the CCTV interrupter and I lower myself into the room. I quickly make my way over to the computer terminal in the room and make quick work with deactivating the security. I open the door and check for guards and run down the hall quickly to room 346, I open the door to a sight an array of Rambaldi items. I walk by them searching for the manuscript, I walk to the back of the room and I spot it. I pick the lock of the glass case and grab the manuscript. I head to the door and then I hear the voices. I quickly hoist myself above the door where there is a landing. Two men enter the room as they turn their backs on me I softly get down and out the door before they notices and before the door closes. I run back to the security room. I use the CCTV interrupter again to disrupt the security camera. I go to the computer and put the security back online and I jump back up into the vents and out of the facility. I let out a breath I felt like I had been holding the entire operation. I head to warehouse 63. As I’m just about to leave the manuscript a guard grabs me and then I hear her voice. My blood runs cold.
“Hello Sydney, did I forget to mention the fact that you would be coming with me, because you my dear have a huge part in my plans.”


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