Conspiracy Did the CIA kill JFK because he wanted their UFO files?


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Well, here's a new one. :tinfoilhat:

The Daily Mail is linking requests from John F. Kennedy to the CIA for their files regarding UFO activity to his assassination. Kennedy's request was made to both NASA and the head of CIA; 10 days later he was dead. :eek:

To make it even more interesting, the supposed request also indicated that JFK was interested in partnering with Russia in the pursuit of joint USA-USSR space exploration program. The theory there being that JFK wanted the USSR to realize that possible air space violations were not the work of the USA but rather a potential thread that would be common to both countries, UFO activity.

The documents from JFK were purported to be released by the CIA under a USA Freedom of Information Act request by William Lester. Lester is writing a book about JFK and requested the documents as part of his research.

Tying JFK's request to his death is an unverified document that surfaced in 1999. Supposedly is part of an internal CIA memo regarding the President's request for their UFO files. The document, signed by the CIA chief, starts with "As you must know, Lancer has made some inquiries regarding our activities, which we cannot allow." The name Lancer was the CIA code name for JFK.

It is an explosive conspiracy theory but with the CIA internal memo not being verifiable it becomes just more fodder but conspiracy fans. It gets some bonus though for tying two conspiracy laden subjects together.

The Daily Mail posting can be found here.
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If JFK was given the files and he told us that aliens exist, that would have been the day the Earth stood still. But, do aliens really exist?!

Youtube video: The Russian military are shown here in this (good special effects) UFO Crash training film.

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