Did you ever had pet fish...

... if so,what type of aquarium did you have?

  • I didn't have pet fish.

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  • I had Seamonkeys, if that counts? (No it doesn't!)

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  • It was basically a bowl full of water with a goldfish in it.

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  • A cold freshwater aquarium.

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  • A tropical freshwater aquarium.

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  • A cold marine aquarium.

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  • A tropical marine aquarium.

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  • A mixture.

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  • Other.

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^^ or u can look at this

I always wanted one of these but they are salt water and i dont have the time to care for it or will power

Hawian Tang
i've had some goldfish when i was young .... but that dind't always go that good ...

(if you like animals DON'T read this :P)

when i was like 4 years or something i had this fight with my brother and i was mad at him so i wanted to get even... my brother had this goldfish wich he had for 2 years already
so i want to the bowl with an empty bottle of Sprite, hit it agains the bowl, the fish fell out and i cutted him in halfs with the broken bottle :blink:

but i do am sorry (n)


I never had a pet fish... I have a dog though! Oh once my cousin put a feeder fish in my brother's water bottle and went back home... Ummm I don't think you'd wanna hear what he did to the fish... (n)
i had two fish at one time that i won at a festival. I kept them in this plastic container filled with water :LOL: but one died that night and the next one died about 4 days later


Caution: Beware of Male
<!--QuoteBegin-m<o>j+Sep 3 2004, 06:01 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(m<o>j @ Sep 3 2004, 06:01 AM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteEBegin-->LOL :LOL:  :D  :LOL: ...I didn't see that one coming!

i wish for that fish everyday :LOL:
I have some unnamed tetras in a algee filled tank. They're in my sister's room, but they're really both of ours. We forget to feed 'em and don't really clean their tank. Poor fish.
I have tropical fish at the moment. Three Catfish, three Swordtails and a Kissing g
Gourami. They're much easier to keep than goldfish cos you don't have to keep cleaning out the tank (y) :angelic:
as a 5 year old i had 2 goldfish, one named 'fish' and the other named 'chips'. they both died one summer when the temperature soared. we came home to find them floating and i cried for 3 days, my sister had no idea what the hell i was going on about.......ha!
I named all my fish after this guy I liked in grade school, Daniel. So their was Dan, Danny, Daniel, Dan II, Dan III, Dan IV, and then we got a cat that started eating the fish, so no more Daniels.