Favorite Harry Potter Book

Which was your favorite book/year of Harry Potter?

  • Year 1~Sorcerer's Stone

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  • Year 2~Chamber of Secrets

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  • Year 3~Prisoner of Azkaban

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  • Year 4~Goblet of Fire

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  • Year 5~Order of the Phoenix

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  • Year 6~ Half-Blood Prince

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  • Other (a combination of two, tie for favorite...)

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Here's the order of my favs


I haven't read the 5th cause i'm re-reading the series before i start on the 5th one..i'm on the 4th one now so i'm close to reading the 5th one. But i heard Sirius dies(i looked ahead, yes i'm guilty) so i'm kindof not to happy about starting the 5th one :(
i have a tie between 2 books... :unsure:
It's the 3rd one and the 5th one....
I like the 3rd one cuz Sirius is in it(he's my 2nd favorite character!!! hehehe... :D) and i very happy when Sirius told harry that he was Harry's godfather but i also like the 5th cuz it was fantastic! ^_^
amanda2pt0 said:
Prisoner of Azkaban. Sirius makes his entrance. :cool:
Prisoner of Azkaban is also my favorite. This book changed the whole magical world we were used to.

Sirius' entrance is wonderful (kind of reminds me Aragorn's one in the Lord of the Rings, although they thought he was bad for a few minutes only! lol). I love this character so much. The whole book is so touching!
Alassè Culnàmo said:
Yeah, I'd say 3,4,5 are tied for number one then 1 then 2.
Anywho, has everyone finished reading OotP?
Toodles Alassè
i just have!!!! You might wonder why it took me so long. the thing is that i wanted to read the book in english ( not spanish - my native language) and here it cost $80 - believe it or not - So i waited a while and finally found somebody who'd got it in english and lent it to me! It took me 5 days to read it all, which i'm proud of. ^_^
#3 because it's the book where the characters grew and changed the most. In book 3 you are bombarded with information, and j.k. weaves everything that's thrown at you into the story so it all flows seamlessly together and leads to one he** of an ending!!
I'm in awe about how she started the plots so early in the series, even in the first chapter, Sirius Black (whose name was obviously purposely picked because of his Animagus creature) and his motorcycle, how he lent it to them. Then Dumbledore's refusing to answer Harry's question about why Voldemort (*gasp* haha) chose to go after him. The former fact fell into place in HP 3, now HP 5 told about the latter. Greatness. :cool:
it's gotta be prisoner of azkaban. the twists, the introduction of the dementors and sirius. can't wait for the film. :P better be better the last two. :angry:
my favourite is the 4th book. so my list would go 4,5,1 and 3 r tied, then 2. but really i love them all! i managed to read the 5th book in 2 days, i got it the day it came out. so im reading it again. lol.