first thing!

Blackhairedsam said:
i met this guy..the first thing i noticed was his was huge!
i couldn't stop staring at it! lol
:eek: You met Jay Leno?! :P :lol:
As for what I like in guys.. Heck if I know. I've been in love twice, and they were complete opposites. One was a chunky, pale, freckled, red-head with glasses... and the other was a skinny, brunette w/blue eyes. Though most people considered the second guy to be 'attractive'.. I wasn't particularly physically attracted to either. The thing they had in common was their intelligence and witty/sarcastic humor. That does it for me every time ;)
i definatly go for the melting smiles, but i agree, there's just something about guy hands. i love how they look so strong and masculine, they make me feel all safe.