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  • Fata Morganas

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FREE Sci-Fi short stories available at This is entirely new material by author Royce Coleman.

He also has a psychological self-help e-book out now for only $5.99.

In the first FREE short story, FATA MORGANAS: Fata Morgana is a device that creates dream-worlds so believable millions become addicted to its fantasies, as well as its nightmares.

In the second free short story, FIERCE HAND, GENTLE HAND: An alien comes to Earth with promises of bettering the planet, but but ends up enslaving the human race. Two scientists now hatch a plan for escape -- to another planet.

Feel free to check out the material and bring any critiques, concerns, or positive comments to this page.


I'm going to reply to my own thread and say the stories were awesome lol, which they were. The e-book is now $3.00, and is more of a manifesto and what is reality, what is consciousness, and how do they connect.