Music frell's Music List


Instead of posting videos this time, I decided to post my iPod shuffle results.

Impacilla Carpisung - The Ting Tings
Mission IO Must Not Fail - Bearsuit
Fat Waves - Torche
I'm Totally Not Down With Rob's Alien - Minus The Bear
Dead Between The Walls - Pelican
Let It Be - The Beatles
Screaming At A Wall - Minor Threat
Repeater - Fugazi
I Me Mine - The Beatles
Hello - Oasis
Hot Freaks - Guided By Voices
Monkey Gone To Heaven - Pixies
Slice Where You Live Like Pie - Don Caballero
Exit Does Not Exist - Modest Mouse
The Hungry Mouse Caught His Tail On The Pantry Door - Trinitron Meets The Mars People
Clementine - The Decememberists
Doing My Duty - TV On The Radio
Break My Body - Pixies
Hot Lava - Mahjongg
If You Can Afford Me - Katy Perry
Cold Rain & Snow - Grateful Dead
Steady Diet - Fugazi
Left Behind - Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
No Sidestepping - Branford Marsalis
Wasted - Mazzy Star
Lounge - Modest Mouse
**** Luck - Modest Mouse
I Feel Ya' Strutter - of Montreal
Daylight - Matt & Kim
Micah - Russian Circles
Rock Me Baby - Jefferson Airplane
Citizen - Broken Bells
Closed Captioned - Fugazi
Hooligans - Bill Hicks
Fingerprints - Katy Perry
Hey - Pixies
Son Of The Stage - Beady Eye
Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare - Matt & Kim
Jesus Christ Was An Only Child - Modest Mouse
I Want You - The Beatles
He Was A Friend Of Mine - Grateful Dead