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Ok, I don't want to be a burden to anyone, but I really just need to get this off my chest. But if anyone else has had anything bad happen to them and would like to share and complain, please feel free!

The holidays are supposed to be fun and carefree and enjoyable, but mine are anything but. They feel totally ruined now! I got home from college last Sunday. I wasn't extremely thrilled to be home because college is fun, and I live in a small town, so there isn't much to do. Anyhoo...I was going to pick my brother up from school yesterday, and then we were going to meet my mom at the elementary school where she works. My dad was also going to meet us there, and we were going to leave for Safford because my brother had an orthodontist appointment and then we were going to have chinese food for dinner. Well, I was driving to the high school, and I was on a street with no stop signs. I was approaching the last intersection in this neighborhood, and the cross street has a stop sign since I don't. Well, as I approached this intersection, no one was at the stop sign. I get almost all the way through the intersection and I hear this loud crash and my truck starts to fish tail. Turns out some stupid kid ran the stop sign and nailed me. So now the back left side of my truck is crushed. From the wheel back is messed up...which means new bumber, new overfender, and the cover I had put on the back of my truck is messed up too. It didn't get crushed, but it won't unlock now cuz it got shifted and there are cracks in the paint around the locks, so that's $800 right there. He said his mom was talking to him so he was distracted. Gee, thanks a lot. When I was in high school I drove a piece of felgercarb that was about 12 years old, so I wasn't one of those kids who had a brand new car waiting for them when they turned 16. Well, when I was leaving for college my dad bought me a new Toyota Tundra since I would be driving a lot (there is a 5 1/2 hour drive between where I live and where I go to college) and I would need a car that would get me there. So basically this &$^%#^&% hit me in my truck that I've only had for 4 1/2 months. I am just so pissed right now. And who knows how long it will take to get fixed seeing as how it's the holidays and everything has limited hours. I mean, 4 1/2 months, and it's already f-ed up. I could've killed him. Seriously. And the police report won't be ready until Monday, and the dealership's auto shop isn't open until Monday, and then they are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. So Monday we'll get an estimate, and then they can't start fixing it until Thursday at the soonest....if I should be that lucky! GRRRRRRR! Now I am stuck here with nowhere to go because I don't have a vehicle. So much for going skiing with my cousins. I mean, this totally ruins the holidays...I wish I could send every present back in exchange for my truck being okay. I was just so happy to have a new truck...I was so proud of it. And now this. All I can see in my head is what my truck looks like now. It will never be the same to me. And not to mention insurance. I hope it doesn't go up. The accident wasn't my fault. But the way insurance works nowadays they'll probably make me pay even more. Shoot, I don't even know if I was cited for anything. The cop never said I was, but I didn't ask either. I shouldn't be since he hit the back of my truck, it's obviously his bad. With my luck I'm sure the cop will come up with something to cite me failure to avoid an accident. Yeah, the damn eyes in the back of my head weren't working....sorry. ^&%&@#^##^^@%%!%!^%@^&#@^#^@%^@#^@#%@%^#

Okay, end of rant. Thanks for listening.
yeah, i love this thread. cuz sometimes, you do just need to get it out. anyways, yeah, that does suck. (i didn't read the whole thing, but just by reading up thru the accident, i can say that it sux) hopefully, good luck comes your way (and Bizzuty Bobby, I'm in no way implying you do anything!)
Thanks! I really just needed to gripe about it. But yeah, anytime you need to complain, just do! It helps so much! And if that doesn't help, then just start running...I did that yesterday when I got home. Now I am incredibly sore, but it helped at the time.
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Mystifying were you able to put the emoticons in your signature? I tried it and it just showed up as the words...
You have to right click on the picture and post them as images.

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Feel free to have this thread guys, but make sure it dosen't get out of hand. You may not make negative comments about other members (you haven't yet, just telling you), as it just asks for trouble.


I hate the 8 hour time change from Cairo (where I just was for 2.5 weeks) and Central time (back in the US). It's driving me nuts.
LOL! aww!


This girl...a girl who I have never met comes up to me during my vacation , a girl I am asuming was from my school, and started yellnig at me. She told me that I thought I was all that, that I was a physcotic $%^&*$ and that I thoguht I was so cool and so hott, and that I was a worthless piece of dirt. Lower than scum. Then she spit at me and walked away. First..I didn't know this girl second who gave her a right to talk to me like that! I DO NOT TRY TO LOOK ACT OR BE COOL, I DON'T GO AROUND SAYING I'M SO FUNNY AND I'M THE BEST.. I apologize to even everyone on this board if I ahd alienated or appeared to be rude and higher than anyone. It wasn't my intetnion and I certainly don't do that on purpose. I am SORRY to that girl, that I have supposedly done some injustice to. And I am sorry for ever being born, if that was some major mistake to anyones life! and I am SORRY! I f I don't dress the way everyobne does.. or wear my brown hair like everyone else. Or that I try to be friends with everyone. even the people who others think are uncool! and I apologize if my being white is a problem. Cuz this is me.. and if nobody likes it then they can ****** off!

I'm sorry that was harsh...thanxs for leting me get it out thoguh

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typically terrific
i'm just a really nice person (well not to particularly 1 person) and that really bothers me when people are mean... but not when i'm mean... oh that just came out all wrong. you must think i'm a really bad person now.
Wow...AG...that must have sucked. I'm sorry that happened! I've had trouble with girls at my high school (thank god i am away at college now and don't see them much anymore) being snots...but they come up to you and chew you out for doing something they don't like. Which makes no sense, but whatever.

Okay, Charlie, we'll keep it nice around here and not diss other members. Since I started this board, I'll try to keep an eye on it. Yeah, and that much of a time change must be killer! I hate jet lag!
Speaking my mind leads me to have bad things happen to me.....then sometimes bad things just happen to me for no reason what so ever. One thing is for certain though....good things do not happen to me.
Thanxs everybody I really needed to say that cuz it was so mean I couldn't believe it!

and Sycofancy..that's waful I mean speaking your mind should never get u dissed cuz It's a free country and your opinions of what matters most to u are free to be talked about unless it's out of hand of course... lol

p.s G_woman711 I luv James bond! Ha I wanna be like him! except a woman..and cuter..and cooler! yah but he's so cool! hahahah!


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sycofancy said:
Speaking my mind leads me to have bad things happen to me.....then sometimes bad things just happen to me for no reason what so ever. One thing is for certain though....good things do not happen to me.
S., that is not true!
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Today i tripped over my nephews toy truck and land on my face. then when I tryed getting up he flung me with the spinach he was eating.
:confused: That's so terrible!

I had to work an 18 hour shift...yes, feel the self-pity. :(