Green Wing

I have to say this is the best show that I can honestly say has ever been created. Its sooo good that I have withdrawal symptoms from it. Its one of those shows that after youve watched an episode you want to find every other one that ever existed and watch them all at a marathon.

I swear, its hilariously funny, its got some amazing actors in (Julian Rhind-Tutt - i adore him) and there's even chance for shippers to become very very very loyal and get worked up about who people should end up with.
I must say I'm a Carmac (caroline and mac shipper all the way)!!! I do not agree with Caroline and Guy - mainly because they just don't look good together, also because mac and caroline have been about to happen for the whole show. Think Syd/Vaughn and you've got CARMAC!!!!

Anyway, enough ranting from me - if your English, i emplore you all to watch it this friday at 9 on Channel 4 (if you haven't seen it before) and for those of you from other countries, i don't know if its on and when its on so find out and watch it because you will love it.

Now, if you will excuse me I believe I have the whole of Season 1 awaiting me downstairs!!

Anyone else watch this?!

I have watched a few episodes of this show and it is very funny. Sadly I havn't really had time to get into it, but I love the one with the doctor telling him his 'daddy' died, but it turns out its his pet daddy long legs and the other guy just like freaks out :lol: