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May 2, 2003
North Carolina
I just got finished watching the State of the Union. I hated most of what he said, but i have to admit that it was well written, and he was passionat. i was a little surprised that he put so much emphasis on the Marriage Amendment in the speech, but other than that i pretty much knew what he was going to talk about.

They had the democratic response on after the speech, and in my opinion, Reid needs to hire som new speechwriters and pronto. plus both he and Pelosi were cold and uptight. i saw them after the President's speech and i just wanted to cringe.

Any thoughts?
May 3, 2004
I was hoping the speech would talk about things I didn't already know...lol. It seems that he basically just repeated all his stands pre-election. I must agree that it was well-written too and quite passionate. If I wasn't already so anti-Bush, he probably would have had my approval after that speech...probably. He was also very passionate...which made the speech even more effective...

mexico city

Dec 18, 2004
Northern New England
i agree with some of his domestic proposal
the ryan white bill
aids funding
don't agree with the social security scheme at all
think it's based on distortions
his threats against syria and iran are empty
we have neither the money nor
the military forces to do anything right now

the moment between the marine parents
and the iraqi woman were powerful
all must agree

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