Help me list 100 future technologies or inventions?


Its for a school project. Be as creative as you want but try to word it as "Time machine" as opposed to "machine that can travel through time." A numbered list from 1 to 100 would be great. Really appreciate the help

Little to no technobabble please
I have one. Since this is posted in the Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy Talk forum I will take the liberty to give an improbable/impossible technology.

We all know that physical transportation of matter cannot exceed the speed of light. How might FTL travel be achieved?

To address the limitations we must first develop advanced technologies and complex understanding of nature.

Lets say you want to visit a planet in the Sculptor Galactic Super-clusters.

We must pinpoint a planet and determine where it is right now. Anything we see is of where it was when light left it so we would need to have more than one observation at different times to determine its trajectory. Then we would need to compute where it would be at this moment. Not only would we need to know about our destination but the probabilities of everything that it could interact with. Did it get moved by a passing mass? Does its parent star still exist? Did a supernova occur nearby bathing it in deadly radiation?

Once we determine exactly where we are going and that it exists and is safe how to get there?

We would first need very advanced nano-technology. Not only assemblers but the AI that directs the assemblers. We must be able to build a habitat in a lab somewhere nearby and direct it to generate all the things we need to survive from the atoms available. Go to it and test it out. Build more habitats of the same complexity out of different substrates to simulate all possible combinations. When that is done, time to work on the movement problem.

Okay, we know where we are going. We know we can survive once we get there. How do we get there faster than the speed of light?

We would need to develop a way to quantumly affect matter over distance by precision. We would need to be able to quantumly move atoms at the destination to construct working nano-assemblers and their AI at the destination. Beginning with a small string of atoms arranged in a pattern that recognizes and affects the constructed nano-assemblers (as forecast in Engines of Creation). We already constructed the habitat here using the same methods only we are now doing it quantumly over distance. We wait the pre-determined time and quantumly send for confirmation of completion, a feature built into the habitat's construction.

Now, how do we send ourselves to that distant habitat?

First we must be able to construct organics at the nano scale. This construction must be identical in every way to the original (you). Biologically, you now exist on both planets. The far one is an EXACT duplicate of you.

How do you become you on that distant world?

Every biological manifestation of you would have your exact brain chemistry to the finest detail. As you exist, different chemicals are released in patterns that make synapse fire. That synaptic firing sequence is limited by your brain's atomic makeup. If quantum information transmission can be instantaneous, those changes in your synaptic patterns can be transmitted in real time to the other you over distance. You will exist in two places at once.

How would I experience what my other self experiences in real time?

At the distant habitat, pre-constructed quantum transmission equipment would transmit the other you's experiences back to this you. This you would be in a type of sensory deprivation chamber that inhibits you from sensing anything but the other you's quantum transmission.

Once the pattern of what makes you, you takes full control of the other you, you are technically on that distant world.

And that, is how we could travel faster than light.