Sci-Fi Looking For A Low Budget 90's Sci-fi Movie

I'm trying to find a sci-fi movie that I believe is from the mid to late 90's, and was probably made for TV. It was about the lead actor in a cheesy action-sci-fi TV series for kids who gets transported into an alternate dimension, or perhaps just a galaxy far, far away. The people from elsewhere see his TV show somehow and believe that its real, so they summon him to their world in the hope that he will defeat the evil overlord who rules over them. Its sort of a comedy, and the actor turned reluctant hero is sort of a superficial narcissist who undergoes a personality transformation by the end of the movie. He has some sidekicks, including a teenage boy and a warrior who wears a mask due to being disfigured. After a long quest, the hero finally reaches the evil overlord at the end of the movie and defeats him.

I would be very grateful if anyone knows what the movie is called or has any idea where I could find something like that.
I am confident in suggesting you might be looking for Galaxy Quest. If not, why not?

Edit to add, I admit, I didn't read the whole lot, it now doesn't sound so much like Galaxy Quest.
Yeah, I have to agre with @Jetshroom on this one, it sounds like Galaxy Quest is being described. It was a great movie, especially for the Trek fans of TOS.