Masters of Science Fiction

This is a new summer series on ABC that is similar to The Outer Limits, & The Twilight Zone.

I missed the first episode, but I give today's second episode excellent marks for great acting and a great script! Great suspense and a great conclusion, too. :D

The second episode, "The Awakening" (SATURDAY, AUGUST 11), stars Terry O'Quinn and Elisabeth Rohm. Based on the short story by Hollywood Blacklist author Howard Fast ("Spartacus," "Citizen Tom Paine"), the episode opens outside Baghdad, where U.S. soldiers discover a mysterious casualty - one they can't even identify as human. William B. Davis ("The X-Files") guest stars as the President of the United States. Michael Petroni ("Till Human Voices Wake Us") directed from a script he wrote, based on the short story by Howard Fast.

I like these kinds of shows for the high quality scripts, thought-provoking plots and great acting they consistently provide. :cool: