Prophets of Science Fiction

For anyone in the UK who missed it first time around last summer Quest (Freeview 38, Sky 154, Virgin 179) are repeating the Ridley Scott documentary series Prophets of Science Fiction. (Originally show on the Science Channel in the USA Nov 2011/Feb 2012)

Starting on Thursday 15th Nov at 6pm with Mary Shelley, the series continues at the same time on Friday with Philip K Dick, then runs through HG Wells, Arthur C Clarke, Isaac Isimov, Jules Verne from Monday 19-Thurs 22nd Nov.

I presume the remaining two programmes (on Robert Heinlein and George Lucas) will follow.

I absolutely recommend these to anyone with an interest in Sci-fi and science fact. They look principally at how the works of these individuals forecast changes that have come to pass or are at least considered technically feasible. There are plenty of clips from films, re-enactments and a wide range of talking heads. They also provide a bit of a biography of the authors/film makers too.

There is an episode guide on the Radio Times website:
Prophets of Science Fiction (TV Series) | Radio Times