Most Attractive "Inside" Quality Of A Person

What is the most attractive quality of a person (inside)?

  • Funny (Can make ppl laugh)

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  • Intellignet (Both/either academically and intellectually)

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  • Sweet and/or kind

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  • Listens

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  • Talks a Bunch (Really outgoing)

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  • Is Quiet

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  • Is Artistic (Musician, artist, etc)

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  • Other

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I really like people who are outgoing and aren't afraid to be themseleves, but i don't think that it's the most important quality. there is no "most important" quality if you ask me :D

A Dark Turn

I Was Made to Love You
i like sark's cleverness and intelligence.
👍 Oh, yeah. My thoughts exactly.

Personally, though, I think it's a combination of intelligence and sense of humor. You've gotta be someone, at the very least, that you can hold a semi-intelligent conversation with and is able to make you laugh.

amy lynn

The Polish Pirate
Intelligence is a must.

I went out on a date recently with this guy and all he talked about was his workout routine, his muscles, and his cars. Any time I would try to change the subject, he would get back to one of those three topics. Seriously. :rolleyes:

Thats not really the kind of conversation I want to be having. Give me some intelligence, please!!!

Another must is a sense of humor. I'm a sarcastic person...I need somebody who gets that - and can give it right back to me. Plus, they need to not take everything so seriously.