NASA invents the Star Trek Sub Light drive.

Im baffled as to the fact this has been totally ignored by most of the media. This may prove to be one of the ten most fundamental inventions by humanity ever, along with fire, printing, and the atomic pile.
I think for the most part the mass media doesn't know what to make of it. Right now the engines are in the research phase with a lot more testing to be done so that it why it is mainly the science channels that are talking about it. If/when they do something like launching a small CubeSat using the EM engine to maintain it's positioning then I think the general media will pick up on it.

It's been pretty fascinating though watching the progress of the drive. It has gone from being ridiculed to testing in small labs to NASA ramping up the experiments to show what isn't causing the results (have to love the old axiom of taking away the known factors and going by whatever remains).