Pet Cloning


Code Monkey
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In the movie The Sixth Day with Arnold Schwarzenegger there is a scene where his character is in a mall and a store offers pet cloning. The sales promo for the cloning promotes it as a perfect solution for when your family pet passes. That little scene, of course, was just to serve as nice a little segue into the actual plot of the movie.

That was science fiction but this is reality.
A U.S. woman received five puppies Tuesday that were cloned from her beloved late pitbull, becoming the inaugural customer of a South Korean company that says it is the world's first successful commercial canine cloning service.

Seoul-based RNL Bio said the clones of Bernann McKinney's dog Booger were born last week after being cloned in cooperation with a team of Seoul National University scientists who created the world's first cloned dog in 2005.


Independent tests confirmed the 2005 dog cloning was genuine, and Lee's team has since cloned more than 20 canines.
Our own family dog is truly part of the family (I say that as he is on the couch 6 inches from me staring) but I don't know if cloning is something that I would consider.

I believe a "passing" is a natural part of life. To repeat over & over is both cruel and sadistic for you and them (who don't know what's going on).