Season 5 React: No Hard Feelings

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May 15, 2005
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
The prison cell guy look Sark up and down the anal raping region - very funny. :LOL: I didn't think Alias would have the hueblos to do that.

So who's with me that Irina sent the hit out for Thomas's wife? She may even be his mother...

And are Rachel and him a couple, but they're just way better at restraining themselves in the office than Lauraughn, the perpetual PDAers? P.S. I hope Rachel falls in quicksand next episode. She's awful. She's not even a real agent!

So where were the leering looks from Sloane in this episode? After he and Sydney talked on the airplane they should have had one of his evil stares where you can tell his wheels are turning, but what they're turning, we don't exactly know. Make us wonder David Pinkner! I need some suspense.

Vaughn's a big goober, there I said it. Was it just me or did he look really uncomfortable around that baby? I think he was grossed out by it. Also, he and Syd need to throw each other against a wall pretty soon here...

Jack refusing to hold the baby was pretty giggle-worthy.

Why doesn't Marshall stutter anymore?

Thank the stars Dixon got rid of those cornrows.


Nov 1, 2004
Ottawa, Canada
At first, I thought the rose was the 500 yrs old flower that Jack, Sydney and Irina stole from Gerard Covee in Passage 2 ( S2) but I never expected the rose to be an old man. He said that Rambaldi told him that the Chosen One would be coming...does that mean the old man is over 500 yrs old? Could he himself be Rambaldi?:rolleyes:

As for Sloane knowing all along that it was Sydney and not Anna that was working with him...that's a lot of bull. It keep saying that Sydney was too important in the prophecy to be killed but yet, he tried to kill her.

Also a question that bugs me. Where was Weiss during Nadia's funeral? They were supposed to be dating and nobody took the time to call him and tell him his girlfriend died????:blink:

Loved the tender moment between Syd, Vaughn and Isabelle. I'm actually surprised they haven't tried to tear each other's clothes off by now. It's been almost a year since they've been together. Get on with it. :LOL:

Have a great day and yup, Sloane is so going down in the finale. :woot:




Mar 11, 2004
I loved the episode. It left me feeling satisfied. But when the finale premiere showed, i broke down. it just hit me that this show the has been such a HUGE part of my life is about to be over and i cried, i mean i cried. My doberman came up and started nudging me with his nose to try and make me feel better. It was a tough night. I hate to even think about what I'll be like Monday night. it's going to be awful and fantastic at the same time.


Feb 16, 2005
WOW!! What a great episode! Just like old times with Syd & Vaughn standing next to each other at the street vendor. When Dixon said to Vaughn "I remember you being shorter." And Sark!! Yummy! But did anyone else notice that David's accent was off? But I love how Syd kicked his a**. It's so sad that it goes back to the stuff that made the first 2 seasons of Alias great at the very end. I'm pretty excited to see what the big deal about Rimbaldi actually is though. I knew it couldn't be a great big red ball and zombies!
I am putting extra large box of kleenex on my grocery list this week, because I know I won't even make it through the credits without tears!


Mar 7, 2003
Someone tell me why they felt the need to waste precious time with Rachael and Tom???? These two are extremely boring and their storyline adds no real purpose to the show. Sorry Rachael and Tom fans.

I'm totally surprised that the writers are not using what Alias was based on and that is wigs, disguises and gadgets. Too much time is spent with Marshall typing on the computer saying "give me a minute" and not enough on the good ol' Alias spy stuff that made it what it was....GREAT!

As much as I'm dreading the end of my favorite show....maybe it is time because I'm having a hard time buying into this Rambaldi stuff. It was intresting at first, but now I'm not so sure. Saving the world from nukes, and drugs and terrorists were what the show was based on and now it's gotten to be Rambaldi. Again, sorry Rambaldi fans.

Finally, I love that Syd was sore (she has been beaten to a pulp for 5 years) and that I'm sure the writers would have loved to made Vaughn and Syd a little more passionate....but you know who may have been watching!

Can't wait for Monday!

On a different note:

Did anyone see MI 3? I thought I was watching a rerun of Alias. Amazing how much JJ took from the show and put it in the movie.


Jul 1, 2005
I really enjoyed last night's episode but you can definitely tell the writers are in a hurry to wrap things up....the explanation Vaughn gave about his "death" to Dixon, the explanation Tom gave to seems that the writers have a checklist of what questions need to be answered before the series ends and are rushing to get all the lose ends tied up.

The Rose??? What the?? I've given up trying to make sense of anything Rambaldi. I'm just going with the flow.

I don't think we're going to see any love scenes (y'all know what I mean by that) between Syd & Vaughn before the end of the series..for no other reason than there isn't enough time. I think there is alot to be covered in the finale and I don't think having S & V hook-up was at the top of the list for the writers and producers. I've been a shipper from the begining and won't be disappointed if there isn't one of those scenes because........

The scene at the end with Syd/Vaughn/Isabelle was just perfect. I definitely got the sense they were a happy family and just Vaughn's smile when he was looking at the baby was enough for me. I wonder if there was any ad-libbing in that scene...the part where the baby "snored" and Vaughn saying "the snoring, it kills me" and the way he said it, just seems like it was so off the cuff but worked perfectly. Did anyone else think that?

Can't believe the finale is on Monday...I'm really hoping for a happy ending.


May 6, 2006
The Windy City
its soo sad that the finale is not even a week away... (n) but anyway, last nights episode was really good!!! with syd kicking sark's a** was great and he deserved most of it. i really dont like the whole Tom and Rachel plot, it is going no where and they are boring!!! :sleep: i am sort of confused by the rose thing, is that man rambaldi or a follower??? its confusing i think :confused:

I'm totally surprised that the writers are not using what Alias was based on and that is wigs, disguises and gadgets. Too much time is spent with Marshall typing on the computer saying "give me a minute" and not enough on the good ol' Alias spy stuff that made it what it was....GREAT!

i totally agree with you tldinc...they needed to go back to the old Alias, but its a little late for that... wait and what happened to Marshell's stuttering??

ooh but i loved the spy fam (gen. 2!) scene, it was soo cute! those three are a happy family now! i really hope its a happy ending with the spy fam (including jack and irina! ) and with SLONE DEAD. he deserves to die. :mad:
Jun 29, 2003
It was a great episode. I loved the start and the end was just perfect :love:

There were so many great bits I dont know where to begin.

LOVED THE NEW SPYFAM- Isabelle is just adorable. And in the beginning when Syd was at the airport and Vaughn walked in- she knew he was there, she could sense him and I thought that was soooooo adorable.

Dixon and Vaughn reunite- that was great, love them two together.

Vaughn and Marshall on the phone- love the line about Marshall crying.

Sarks back- hes so great- the character cracks me up and I loved the prison part- "the beautiful man is dying" so funny

Tom killing the dude who killed his wife by blowing up the car- totally caught me off guard, it was nice for him to have a little storyline.

Overall i loved the episode. Am so upset that Alias is ending in 4 days forever! The promo is great and the aol clip rocks. I can't wait.


Mr. Trixter
Aug 11, 2003
Video Village
I liked it, didn't think it was the best of the year (though it's amazing how one scene with vartan can make it "da best ep ever" and induce floods of tears-- :rolleyes: ), but I did gush at the S/V/I scene...very well shot (its those who should be complimented, in my opinion).

what people don't realize is that the chosen one has already fufilled her duty--by retrieving the rose. That's why Peyton gave the order to kill her--she was useless at that point. so i have a feeling it'll be a dodging bullet day for syd on monday. ciao.
May 13, 2006
south jersey
"The beautiful man is dying" haha i laughed so hard i started crying.
awww all 3 of them in bed was so0o0 cutee. isabelle was adorablee. she looked like both of them. :) anyway...omg i can't belive is over forever!! what am i gonna do?!?! ughh...i'm excited and sad at the same time..........weird.


Jan 12, 2004
i voted that it was one of the greatest episodes ever simply because there was sark, and the whole prison break fiasco, and isabelle, n papa vaughn, and there were plenty funny lines with sark commenting on anna/syd, then there was jack, n marshall
it was all great
but i think it was also really freaky with the rose
i think everyone is having a hard times with that
hopefully though, the season finale will include some great disguises!


Tragic Romantic
Mar 10, 2003
Northern California
It was a great episode. It was really creepy at times, like the Rambaldi-likeguywhocouldhavebeenrambaldi. But then all of the Syd/Vaughn moments were great, like with Isabelle. It was so scary when Sloane was choking Sydney, but of course he didn't succeed. I can't wait for the finale, but I also dread it since it's the end!! :(
May 14, 2006
i have yet to watch this episode...but i heard it ended happy.
so the next one sydney is going to die.
Pleeaaaaassseeeee! SLOANE is the one going down, not Syd. However, I will sorely miss my Wednesday nights sitting on the coach, eating ice cream, and watching the BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!! (sob, sob) Have you all signed the Alias for All petition on Addicted to If you haven't, you definitely should.....I mean, there's not going to be a Season 6 (even though there should be in order to end the show correctly) no matter what we do, but at least we tried. Do you think we'll see a red wig in the finale? I, for one, hope so....but I don't want to see the scary tooth man again. I got enough between "Truth Be Told" and "A Higher Echelon"....... :D

Ivanhoe 47

Nov 26, 2005
OK, so is it just me, or does anyone else think this was a pretty dumb episode?

What was all the stuff from the last forur season regarding Rambaldi about, if there is a whole different endgame? I mean, did he have to endgames, and it was just a matter of which one would be accomplished? I thought all that stuff with the big red ball and destroying humanity from Before the Flood was his endgame. And now all of a suddem they make this up, and it looks like the big red ball plot line was just a hoax or something created by Rambaldi to postpone engaming his REAL endgame. I don't know, it seems really stupid and it's totally confusing.

So, according to the prohecy, Syd was supposed to fight with Nadia and render the greatest power unto utter desolation. Which she did, I guess. She thought with nadia and destroyed the red sphere. Now, was this prophecy relecant to the other one, regarding the Rose?

And did you notice how they used (meaning shamelessl stole) the story from Prison Break? I mean, Sark called the cops and robbed the cafe in order to get to prison exactly like Michael did in the pilot episode of PB. That was really stupid and unoriginal.
And also not very well thought of. I seriously doubt that for a robbery like that they would get to the biggest, meanest, worst prison (conveniently the one they wanted to get into) and all this immediately after the crime without any trial?! Oh God, how dumb.