Tutorial Saving Bandwidth / Using suitable formats

Anurag M

Oct 8, 2010
I see too many signatures that are oversized in K (bytes) and can be trimmed immensely. Part of being a graphics expert is making sure that you export and save your graphics in the most minimal of sizes possible with the least amount of degradation of course.

If you use PNG's see if it can save as a PNG8 often you can trim an image to 25% of it's original size.

If you use JPG's you can lower the quality (compression) to 80% normally without loss.

Gif's are somewhat more tricky but you might get away with a lower color palette.

Keep in mind too that you don't have to export in just one format...view each one and pick the best for you.

Here is a user example of 2 signatures. One is 225k PNG the other is 35k JPG.

Do you see any difference visually between them? On a forum signatures are normally the largest files to load. A blank HF page (no avatars or sigs) is about 160k. Add about 10+ signatures that are 300k+ each and now you have 3mb page load. This is partially why some pages load slower.

So please ...take my advice and look into trimming the K size and optimizing your graphics.

Oct 31, 2010
You can also use Yahoo's tool called Smush.It which removed meta data from images so they get even smaller :)
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