Sci-Fi Star Trek vs. Star Wars

Star Wars or Star Trek?

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Ah, the ultimate sci-fi question...

Which do you prefer: Star Trek or Star Wars?

I prefer Star Trek, because it was made first, I like the characters more, and it's a TV series as opposed to a bunch of movies, so there is more Star Trek than there is Star Wars.

So which do you prefer, and WHY?
Trek as well.
With the series(s) the characters became more believable.
You can't surpass their enemies for being terrible, and their situations being hopeless, yet they survive and often prevail.
the Borg
the Dominion
the Zindi
Both get preachy, but Star Wars gets squishy.
The Integrity of the leaders in the Treks, is unsurpassed.
(perhaps Archer as well)
When i was growing up, I was a huge Star Wars fan, but as the years went by, I converted to more of a Star Trek fan. Not sure why, maybe because Star Trek has been an ongoing saga as opposed to having to wait 15+ years or so to see the rest of the star wars series which was actually kind of disappointing.
Star Trek as well.
a. It's very tough to beat a character like James T. Kirk. What a cocky, screw anything on two legs, diplomacy with fists, kinda guy. Well done by Shatner.
b. George Lucas started to lose me when it was revealed that Vader was Luke's father, and tried to make him a sympathetic character in the prequels. I much preferred Vader as a planet destroying, jack booted, son of a b***h.
c. The spin offs from the Star Trek series were quite good, in general. The Next Generation started off slowly, but once they got rid of Wesley Crusher, then the series plotlines became so much better. Picard was the antithesis to Kirk, but once we got to know him, he became just as cool. The two part ending with Q jumping Picard from time line to timeline was classic sci fi, imho.
DS 9 and Voyager were also good series, especially DS 9. Sisko was on ballsy commander, and I liked his character a lot.

Don't get me wrong, Star Wars has a lot going for it also. The worlds created by Lucas were believable and interesting. The fight scenes in "The Phantom Menace" between Maul, Kenobi and Jinn were the best in the series. It just didn't resonate with me as well as the Star Trek series I suppose.
i myself prefer star trek and the possibilites are endless with the storylines. i suppose that could be the same for star wars yet you dont see any spinoffs from that like 'deep space vader' or 'star wars-the next generation (most commonly known as the time that luke and leah almost did it).

so you see, star wars, albeit a great set of movies will never replace star trek with its myriad possibilites of first interracial kiss on the telly or that fact you really wondered if the vulcan was depressed over his inability to show emotion or the OMG captain who couldnt see beyond his own ego.

so to this end it is star trek.
Just curious, but why do so many people prefer Star Wars over Star Trek?
My wife & I are at opposite ends on this one.

I grew up with & prefer Star Trek because under Roddenberry's direction there were some wonderful creative minds brought together that resulted in a TV series that to this day still involve some controversial subject matter. Its impact was not only on pop culture but on our actual society; take notice of how many involved with space exploration, misc. fields of science, IT professional, and inventors cite Star Trek as their inspiration. Star Wars, at least the original trilogy, was a soap opera set in space. A soap opera with some action packed scenes and compelling elements, but a soap opera nonetheless.

My wife prefers Star Wars, at least the original trilogy, because it is a soap opera in space. You have the Princess, the rogue anti-hero on the run from the law, the young innocent hero, the villain chasing the princess, the wise old man, the comedic sidekicks, and they are all tangled up with each other in a fight for Good vs. Evil. To her Star Trek was nothing but a sci-fi action show set in the future.
I like both but I think the poll is a bit unfair because one is a series and the other is a serie of films.

However I vote Star Wars because I think the special effects are better even when they didn't use so much computerized imaging.
As said before, Star Trek is more character driven and has a better setting for stories with a higher pretence. Star Wars is more Science Fantasy. It has the cooler hardware, at least for me.
So I voted for Star Wars, the inner child prevails!
i can never see what people find so amazing with the star wars films. when people talk about what they like about the films, i find there are so meny other films which do things better.

one day they will do a starwars film which is low budget and is story/character driven, most of the characters have the potential to have a great back story and dialog
Star Trek and Star Wars looks very similar, beyond the obvious similarity between their names. Each has a lot of spaceships, strange worlds, ray guns, and aliens, many of whom look startlingly like humans with prosthetics and makeup. I chose Star Trek for all its techno babble and implausible extrapolation from current reality, it’s just on the whole better product.
I have to say Star Trek. But... I love Star Wars as you can see! But Trek always made me enthusiastic and excited about our future rather than just the fight of good and evil that Star Wars suggests. I have a place in my heart for both.


I grew up on Star Trek, and it, along with the local PBS station was showing like Doctor Who and Blake's 7, was responsible for me being the geek that I am today.


Comparing ST to Star Wars I like them both but I personally think Star Wars has a slight edge in that the SW mythos & universe is so much more expansive versus ST.