Stranger In My Heart. . .

Jul 29, 2006
Hey a new fic.
This story is set in the beginning of season four. . .
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Stranger In My Heart. . .

Sydney Bristow stood in the back of APO watching as Micheal Vaughn stood joking with Eric Weiss.
She felt a strange longing in her heart wishing she could go back to the good old days. . .
Before Lauren had Ruined all their lives. . .
Lauren was dead now.
Sydney and Vaughn had kissed over her dead body. . . Yet she felt sometimes like Lauren's poisonous presence still lingered.
Her eyes met Vaughn's then and he smiled tentatively at her. She smiled back.
Somethings never change. Sydney decided as she lifted her index finger and beckoned to Vaughn.
He practically came running to her Leaving Weiss standing there with his mouth open in shock.
Sydney knew how desperately Vaughn wanted to get back with her.
"Syd. . . " He said breathlessy.
He stared at her with that familar longing look.
"I was wondering if maybe we could get together for dinner tonight. . . Pizza?" She asked.
His face lit up in joy.
"Yes. . . " He breathed.
"I would love nothing more than that Syd. . . Your place or mine. . . "
"Mine would be great. . . Nadia's working till late tonight so. . ." Sydney smiled enjoying how happy he seemed.
After he had killed Lauren he seemed to be in an almost self destructive depression.
Vaughn nodded and grinned.
He was definately going to look forward to tonight.
Traffic was heavy and dense at this hour and Vaughn impatiently drummed his finger's on the steering wheel.
He had wanted to pick up a bottle of red wine before going to Syd's. . .
Suddenly a black minibus with tinted windows came in front of him.
He swore and quickly swerved to the right to avoid smashing into the car.
However the car also swerved towards him and as Vaughn's car careened to a stop next to the road barrier he watched in shocked disbelief as five men dressed in black with masks advanced on him.
They yanked open his car door and as he pulled out his gun to ward them off one of the masked men pulled out a gun and shot him. . .
Vaughn awoke harshly as a bag was pulled over his head.
He struggled valiently but realised he was tied to a chair with thick a rope.
A globe flickered on and he looked wildly around himself.
He seemed to be in some sort of strorage room.
Just then a tall man entered
Vaughn stared in utter disbelief.
The man who entered was identical looking to him.
He was a Micheal Vaughn clone.
Vaughn watched speechless as the man who looked exactly like him smirked.
"Shocking isnt it?" the man spoke.
He even sounded just like Vaughn too.
"I. . . Have stolen your identity." he man began to harshly laugh then and Vaughn just stared in horror.
"Long live project helix." the man sneered and made to walk out.
"Wait. . . " Vaughn cried out.
"Whats your name. . .Who are you!"
the man stopped and turned around slowly.
"If you must know my name is Scott Finnes. But you have to forgive me. i really dont have time to chat. . . You see i have a date with a sweet pretty Sydney Bristow." Scott smiled evilly.
Vaughn's blood turned to ice.
"Oh God. . .No. . ." He mumbled in horror.
"So tell me. . How does the beautiful Sydney like to be touched. . . I dont mind getting tips. . ."
"Dont you dare lay a finger on her!" Vaughn shouted. Scott laughed and then walked out leaving Vaughn alone and terrified . .

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Mar 23, 2004
I'm like everyone else. I hope Sydney realizes he's a clone. It only took Vaughn one kiss, on the show, to realize Sydney was cloned. Lets hope Sydney is just as quick and then goes looking for him.

Thanks for the PM.

Jul 29, 2006
Hey an update. . . Thanks for all the great reviews.
I would love any ideas anyone has to offer on this story . . .

Rated 16 for language and mature themes.
Stranger In My Heart. . .

When Sydney opened the door to Vaughn he held a bunch of flowers in his hand and a bottle of wine.
Sydney found it strange that he had bought her daiseys, the one flower she disliked the most.
She however put her feelings aside, smiled at him and accepted the flowers.
She let him in watching as he refused to make eye contact with her and instead looked around the apartment.
"Nadia wont be coming in till late?" He asked a small sly smile touching his lips.
She shot him a weird look.
"Yeah. . . Like i said earlier."
he nodded and they retreated to the couch where the pizza was already set on the coffee table.
"Sometimes i feel like i've missed so much Sydney. . . " Vaughn said softly as he with his index finger traced a picture of Sydney and Weiss and Nadia.
Sydney smiled warmly.
"Then why dont we catch up now?" She suggested as she took his arm and sat down on the couch.
Scott/Vaughn smiled evilly.
"I would love nothing more Sydney. . . "
Nadia sat at her desk watching Eric Weiss.
To admit it she was more than a little attracted to him.
Yet. . . A part of her was so scared that if she got together with him she would eventually end up breaking his heart.
Maybe because she honestly felt so bloody messed up.
She sighed and walked up to Jack Bristow's office.
She hated Jack.
Perhaps because he still didnt trust her and didnt like the way she and his precious Sydney got along.
Nadia barged into Jack's office without knocking.
She insolently tossed the files in her hand on his desk.
"There's the report you asked me to complete." She said flippantly.
Jack regared her coldly.
"Have you completed the Caplan investigation file?" He barked out wanting to catch her off guard.
The son of a bitch succeeded.
Nadia faultered then tersely replied.
"You'll have it by tommorow."
As she turned to walk out she muttered just loud enough for him to hear.
"What the hell did Irina Derevko ever see in you?"
"What the hell did you just say?" Jack asked sharply.
She stopped and then slowly turned to face him a cunning smile on her face.
He was glaring at her challenging her to say it, her words aloud.
"I said 'What did Irina Derevko ever see in a man like you?" Nadia smiled sweetly and then resisted the urge to laugh at the look on his face.
She quickly strode out before he could insult her.
Or maybe insult her father Arvin Sloane.
She blew Weiss a kiss as she left and he stared at her admiringly.
She got into her car and began to drive down the dark alleyway away from APO when a velvety voice in the back intoned. " Please stop the car Ms Santos before i blow your brains out."
she jumped slightly at the voice her lips tightening.
She stopped the car and sat still.
She heard someone shifting in the back.
Acting quickly she jumped in the back and back handed the man.
But he was even quicker than her and shoved her down into the seat straddling her legs a gun pressed to her neck.
Nadia stared at him.
He looked to be in his twenties with raven black hair and dark blue eyes.
"Who the frack are you? And What the frack do you want from me?" She drawled.
He shifted slightly a slow smile on his thin lips.
Nadia raised her eyebrows.
"If its my viginity youre after youre about thirteen years too late." She deadpanned.
That seemed to distract him slightly. He smiled.
"My name is Andrew Winters and We already have what we want from you. Your DNA.
however we do need to have you out of the way. . . . " he murmured and she cried out softly as he pricked her bare skin with a injection needle and she fell unconcious. . .
One minute they had been drinking wine and the next Vaughn was kissing her and carrying her to the bedroom.
She moaned as his mouth sucked on her neck. . . And then frowned as he kicked the wrong bedroom door open.
"Vaughn. . . This is Nadia's room. . . " She said picturing how beserk and angry her sister would get if she caught them on her neat and tidy bed.
Vaughn quickly exited and headed to the right bedroom.
He threw her onto the bed and began to tear of her clothes.
Sydney watched him his brow furrowed in concentration as he yanked of her skirt.
Vaughn had never treated her like that before.
He had always been so gentle. . . As he whispered sweet words in her ear and undressed her caressing her body and kissing every inch before actually making love.
She unbidden felt a sting of tears wondering if Lauren had turned him into this.
He reached up her body and bit her nipple through the lace of her bra.
She cried out softly and whispered on a hunch.
"Vaughn. . . Do you remember how amazing that kiss we shared on the Eifle tower on that one mission was. . ." she held her breath awaiting his response.
He paused briefly then smiled and panted. "Yes. . . I remember. . . "
Sydney felt her insides freeze.
Oh God.
This couldnt be happening. . .
Her mind spun out of control.
She and Vaughn had never kissed on the Eifle tower.
Vaughn. . . This MAN in her bed . . Was not. . .Could not be her beloved.
Her breath came in short gasps as he pulled down her black panties.
"frack. .Yes. ." he mumbled as he pressed his thumb on her centre.
Vaughn would never use such languages as he touched her.
He was about to thrust his fingers in places she didnt want it when she reached up and grabbed his arm.
"Vaughn. . . I dont think im ready . . " She panted when inwardly she was trembling in horror.
He slowly looked up . . .
It was Vaughn's face . .
Vaughn's hair. .
And Vaughn's lovely forehead furrowed . . .
Except the green eyes that stared back at her were not Vaughn's.
Vaughn would have looked concerned. Worried.
This stranger. . . This man. . .
She could almost see a hint of violence in his eyes.
He obviously didnt like being turned down.
He got of the bed then and she grabbed her gown and followed him to the door.
"So i'll see you at work tomorrow." he smiled.
She smiled back and said goodbye.
She leaned her head against the door panic filling her.
"Oh God Vaughn. . .Where are you. . . " she whispered in despair.
She would find him.
She Absolutely had to.
Vaughn stared wearily up as he heard the door open.
He had never been more afraid in his life.
He had worried about Sydney's safety plenty of times before. . .But never with these awful circumstances.
A tall slim woman entered the room.
"Hello Micheal." She said huskily.
Vaughn stared in disbelief at Irina Derevko.
"You. . . You're supposed to be dead. . ." he gasped.
She laughed mockingly her long brown hair in her face.
"There is someone i would like you to meet." she said and stepped aside.
Sydney Bristow in the flesh stood there.
"Syd. . ." Vaughn gasped.

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