Lost my heart


Jan 22, 2004
Lost my heart

Sypnosis: Lauren is dead and Vaughn back is together with Sydney. Yet Sydney isn't happy. Something is missing. does she have the strength and courage to open her heart to Vaughn once more. Or will somone else open it for her. read and see.
Disclaimer: Don't own them.
Timeline: After episode 11 full disclosure, 12 didn't happen, Lauren was exposed and shot dead by covenant operatives.
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Sydney lay in bed, Vaughn was next to her still asleep. Sydney watched him and laid her hand at his beatiful face. What's wrong with me Vaughn. I got what I wanted but I don't feel happy. I don't feel complete. Did the covenant do this to me when they captured me? I wish I could just remember what happend to me rather then to believe what Kendal told me. not that I don't believe him, I just want to remember. she went with her hand over his face I feel so empty Vaughn stirred and slowly opend his eyes. Sydney put up a smile. "hey" he whispered taking her hand and pressed it to his lips. "hey" she said back bending down to kiss him. it was a simple kiss although vaughn deepened the kiss and kissed her passionately she hard replied. What the hell is wrong with me. you love Vaughn dammit she told herself. Vaughn didn't seem to notice her almost lack of response. he pulled away and looked at her eyes, they were dull, as if the light in them had died. they had been like that ever since syd found out what happened to her those last two years. Vaughn had asked her about it but she told him she wasn't authorized to tell him. he didn't have clearence. of course he had gone beind her back to find out and asked kendel himself. he told him that syd had been held captive by the covenant who faked her death and when she escaped she came to him. she agreed to be a double, to get info from the covenant. that she had her meories removed to keep the cube safe. but that was it. Kendal refused to give details, telling him he should ask sydney herself. But she just refused to talk about it, saying that's it is over. "syd-" he started then their beepers went off. Syd smiles "figures, it's our day off" he says but Syd was already on the phone calling the CIA.

Chapter 1
Syd and Vaughn arrived at the CIA and were sitting in the briefing room.
Dixon was telling them about a disk with very advanced nanotechnoly. "the technology is way ahead of our technology. we want you to steal it before the covenant does. your alias will be Jennifer Adams. you'll get in, get the disk and get out. Agent Kelly Driller will be your support on this, her alias will be Shelly Adams, your sister. Vaughn and Weis will meet you at the safehouse in Dublin. go over op tech with Marshal, you leave for Dublin, Ireland, tonight"

"Hi, I'm Kelly...Driller. I just transfered from the San Fransisco office." Kelly introduced herself to Sydney. Sydney turned around to see a brunnete looking a lot like herself "Hi, Sydney Bristow." Sydney replied smiling. "I know, I can't believe I'm going on a mission with you. You're a legend from where I'm from." Sydney smiled "Don't be silly. I'm not a legend." Sydney said to her. "well if you say so" Kelly said to her. "anyways, was the hot guy Agent Weis?" Kelly asked her. "Uhhm, no. that's my boyfriend Vaughn" she said pointing at him. Vaughn was talking with Weis. "No not him, I mean the other guy, he's talkng with. he's cute" she said to sydney not letting her know which of the two she thought cute only that she apernently found Weis hot. Sydney hadn't thought of Weis in that way. Hell she had trouble thinking of Vaughn that way. "Well?" Kelly sked her. "Oh, yeah that's Weis. come I'll intrduce you. he's single you know" Sydney said. walking over to Vaughn and Weis, kelly beside her.

"Hey boys" Sydney said and Vaughn turned around smiled and gave her a kiss. "Hey" Weis said since Vaughn was obviously to busy kissing sydney. sydney was the one pulling back. without even as much as a fake smile on her face she said "This is Kelly. she's new, transported from San Fransisco office." Sydney introduced her. "hi" Kelly said. "Kelly this is Michael and Erik." Sydney did as if she Kelly didn't know who they were. Weis looked at Kelly and said "nice to meet you." he said "Same here, Weis" Kelly said studying his features. Weis smiled and asked "How did you know what my last name was?" "girl secrets" Kelly replied looking at Syd with a grin. Syd grinned back, "what's that mean?" Vaughn asked looking at Weis. Syd rolled her eyes but Vaughn was behind her and Weis was checking out kelly so only kelly noticed. "we should go to Marshal for op tech" Kelly said to Sydney. "Yeah, you're gonna like Marshal" Syd told her "see ya boys" Kelly said walking off with Syd to op tech. "yeah, see ya at the safehouse" Sydney said as she walked with kelly.

"what was that all about?" Vaughn asked Weis. "Oh you know mike, girl stuff. It's been a while since syd could do that with anyone. I mean there was Lauren but well you know. she was your wife and all. Did you see Kelly though? I think she likes me" Weis replied. vaughn laughed "No doubt. I'm sure Sydney must have noticed that."

"So you want to tell me what that was about?" Kelly asked Sydney as they were on the plane to Ireland. "What was was about?" Sydney asked her. "You and Vaughn, there is something off about you two. like you don't love him. I'm sorry if I'm being noisy but it just seems to me that way." Kelly said to syd. who then sighjted. "Is it that obvious?" she asked her. "Well not to the male species but we females pick such things up a whole lot faster." Kelly replied.

Well that's it for chapter one. chapter two they break in, but so is the covenant, and guess who's doing the operation there? and guess who's his partner. lol.
anyways give me some review :)
Jan 5, 2004
Las Vegas, Nevada

I like your story. :D :D :D Is this going to turn out to be a Sarkney fic or just a Syd/Vaughn thing???? :confused: Well, either way I'm sure it will turn out great!! :P
Can you PM me when you post again???? :rolleyes: *Thanks*



Jan 22, 2004
thanks everyone. I'll pm you all when chapter two is up. shouldn't be that long. breakfast, some post replies then writing.


Jan 22, 2004
Chapter 2
Still on the plane
"I don't know what's wrong with me Kelly. I've been in love with Vaughn for so long. but ever since I got him back since Lauren it just hasn't been feeling right. there was always this fire, this connection between Vaughn and me. now there just isn't. I don't feel anyhting when we kiss or have sex. it's like I don't have the ability to love someone anymore. I feel cold and numb all he time." Sydney told Kelly. Kelly looked at her and sat beside her. "I don't think you're numb or coldblooded syd. I think you've jused fallen out of love with him. You've moved on when he was with Lauren. and when she died and you ould be with vaughn. you thought you could just pick up where you left off. but you didn't realize you've changed with everything you've been through. Vaughn hadn't. there is nothing to worry about cos life isn't like there is only one person you can fall in love with. you should know. you loved your fiancé before you met vaughn. then he was killed and you were torn. but you moved on with your life. you and vaughn became a couple and then the covenant faked your death. you returend and he was married with someone else. it hurt you badly but again you slowly moved on." Kelly said looked at Sydney who lookd grateful at her. "Thanks...how do you know much about me?" she then asked Kelly. "Well as I said you're a legend from where I'm from. I don't just mean with your work, but carrying on after everything you've been through." Kelly answered. "oh, yeah" Syd replied closing her eyes and smiled. the first real smile in a long time. "I needed this. taling to someone who would understand. my previous best friend was killed and doubled. ever since I got back I haven't talked to a woman about this life stuff. It's been lonely. If I hadn't had my father, Weis, even Marshal. I would surely wouldn't have gotten to where I am today." Syd said to her. "yeah, you're lucky with friends and family like that....I was an orphan so I never really connectd with my foster family. my real parents died when I was 10 years old. I had been in a foster home for nearly 2 years then someone adopted me. I was twelve years old and knew what was going on. I acted all nice to them and all but I couldn't let them in and see me. I refused to betray my real parents like that. it was during my first year of college that a man aproched me. guess they offered me a job with the CIA. I didn't accept as first, but I felt empty and I needed to money anyways. so I called them. it wasduring my training as an agent I first heard the term SD-4." Kelly smiled at Sydney. "Yeah, I had walked into the same lie as you once did. when after 8 years I told my best friend about what I did. they had her killed. I found out the truth and became a double for the CIA, just like you. after about a year you got the info from server 47 and we took down SD-4, SD-6 and the other Aliance cells." she told Sydney. "I've been working for the CIA ever since. My partner died on one of our missions. I've felt so guilty about it. I knew I coldn't move on from that if I stayed. so I asked for a transfer." Kelly finished her lifestory. "God I'm sorry Kelly." "don't be, you had no way of knowing." Kelly told her. the two woman gave a small smile at each other then the pilot anounced their arrival.

Syd and Kelly arrived at the building where the party was being held. "I'm real glad you wanted to come with me to this, Shelly" Syd said to her supposed younger sister. "You kidding me Jennifer. This is so interesting. besides your boyfriend is an ass so I saved you the trouble of having a lovers spat with him on this" Kelly replied. smiling at the security guard showing them their inventations he nodded and they walked on. "Yeah, I think you're right Michael and I are over" Syd said to her. "oh good, then you won't mind me taking him for a ride then?" Kelly asked. Syd glared at her. "I was kidding Jen. Gee lighten up. besides I like his friend Erik better." Kelly said. Syd smiled. she had forgotten how much fun a mission could be. the smile vanished from her face however when she spotted sark. with a blonde woman...no it couldn't me "Lauren?" she whispered. Kelly looked at Syd then in the direction she was looking at. "oh, he's a hotty" she said checking out Sark. "Isn't lauren supposed to be dead though?" she asked Syd. "She is" Syd replied. "right, I'll keep hem busy and cause a diversion. you get the disk" Kelly said. "what're you gonna do?" Syd asked her. "Don't worry. I have a plan. what's his name?" Kelly asked. "Sark. Or Julian Lazeray." syd said. "Julian" Kellt said Syd nodded and slipped the hall.

Kelly walks to Sark and Lauren and slaps Sark in the face "Basterd" she said loudly so everyone watched them. Syd slipped intothe hall and went to get the disk.
Sark puzzeled looked at the woman in front of him. "now who is this?" he asked Lauren who shrugged. "Don't play games with me Julian" Kelly snarled. aSark looks at the people watching thenwhispered to lauren "It's a diversion, get the disk" Lauren nodded and headed off. "I'm sorry honey. can you forgive me?" Sark played. "I don't know. you cheated, again!" Kelly yelled again. "Besides it's not me who you cheated on it's my sister Jennifer. it's not my forgiveness you should be asking." Kelly snapped angry at him. "and where is your lovely sister?" Sark asked her. "Right here." Sydney answered him stepped through the crowed next to her sister. she then went to slap Sark as well but he caught her arm and pulled her to him. "give me the disk and I won't hurt you" he said to Sydney in a whisper. "Sydney grabbed a knife out of her bag and held it against his crotch. "Let me go or I will make sure you'll never get those children" she whispered back. Sark looked at her. their head close glaring at one and other. suddenly they were kissing. Sydney had dropepd the knife back in her bag which she dropped on the ground. Sark wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her close to him. Sydney wrapped her around his neck enjoying the kis. then her mind set in WHAT TE HELL ARE YOU DOING. THIS IS SARK. YOU'RE KISSING SARK Sydney pulled back and pushed him off her. stunned she lookedat him then quickly said "Now you know what you won't be getting anymore. we're through" she said grabbing her bag from the ground Sark looked stunned at first as well and recovered just as sydney spoke. he was about to say something when Kelly slapped him again "Don't you dare to call her or anything. or I will kick your ass" Kelly then hurried after syd. Sark passed out and fell to the ground. Kelly loked back and said to Syd "Wow that stuff from marshal works really fast" she turned her ring back around and closed the small lid.

ok that's it for chpter 2. in chapter 3 Syd and Kelly will get to the safehouse and return home.


Sep 18, 2003
wow. you changed your nickname to Sabs. i can really start a trend huh?

lol. well... good so far. i like it.

1 thing. nbo offence dear, but can you please write in paragraphs. itsa a little hard to read and to know who's talking with it all mixed up.
Jan 30, 2004
NOOO!!!!!!!! She can't fall OUT of love with Vaughn!!!! That's soooooo WRONG!!!! But please PM me when you updaate and make SYDNEY FALL BACK IN LOVE WITH VAUGHN!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sep 18, 2003
SydBristow13 said:
lol, I'll try. I usually write like this though but I'll try writing in paragraphs. I do that sometimes :D
aren't you just a sweetie. and sorry about that. its my inner gonna-be-an-english-teacher talking. :D


Jan 22, 2004
Mishi- ok here goes for chapter 3 lol

sydandvaughnforever- if you checked my ship you'd see I'm Sarkney. but you'll just have to wait and see how this plays out :D

Chapter 3
Kelly and Sydney enter the safehouse where Vaughn and Weis were waiting for them.
"How did it go, did you get the disk?" Vauhn asked.
"of course we did" Kelly chimed in before Syd could answer. "but thanks for asking if we were alright" she added. "since Sark and your supposed dead wife were there" she continued to add.
"What?" Vaughn asked.
"Lauren apperently is still alive, she must have faked her death to fool the CIA." syd clarified for him.
"oh man, that sucks. having your dead wife come back from the grave to mess with your lives again." Weis said and Kelly chuckled.
Sydney glared at them both then looked at Vaughn. "Lauren wasn't that good of a fighter though. I kicked her ass but she escaped." Sydney said to Vaughn.
"And what about Sark?" Vaughn asked them.
"Kelly had a brilliant idea. she made a lovers spat with him." Syd said grinning.
"You didn't?" Weis asked her.
"I did" Kelly relied. "I told him never to cheat on my sister again."
"Your sister" Vaughn asked looking at Syd.
"Yeah you should have seen him. it was so hilarious. then Sydney showed up and they had a fight kissed sydney told him that he would never kiss her again. then I used the pass out ring marshal gave me and slapped him and he went down." Kelly explained.
"you kised him! Kissed Sark" Vaughn exclaimed.
"Yeah but..." Sydney started.
"probably should have said that" Kelly mumbled.
"I can't belive it you kissed Sark! While you know we are dating" Vaughn yelled.
"You're one to say Mr. my wife should be dead but isn't." Kelly said to Vaughn
"Kelly please don't try to help me" Sydney said.
"Yes, stay out of our business!" Vaughn yelled.
"She's justtrying to help Vaughn. you don't have to be so rude to her" Sydney snapped.
"yeah, don't forget we're all friends here." Weis said to him.
"Fine, but we aren't done here" Vaughn snapped.
"Oh I think we are" Syd said handing him the disk.
"What's that supposed to mean." Vaughn askd calm again.
"It means, we're through" sydney said.
"What! Syd is this about Lauren. because I don't care that she's alive. I love you not her." Vaughn said.
"This is not about Lauren this is about us. I need some time to sort out my feelings. I-" Syd starts but Vaughn interrupts.
"Sort out your feelings. I knew it. You like Sark don't you?" he implid.
"What? Sark!" Syd asked him surprised.
"If I had known you were atracted to coldbloodded killers I wouldn't have given up on Lauren so easily." Vaughn said to her.
"Why don't you just crawl back to her skanky ass then. there must have been some reason why you married her." Sydney snapped back.
"Yeah I did marry her. and technaly we're still married. so why don't you get the hell out of our life!" Vaughn yelled.
"Screw you Michael" Sydney yelled back.
"No we already platyed that game" Vaughn said then suddenly fell to the floor as Sydney had hit him.
"Don't ever speak to me again" she warned him then walekd out the door slamming it shut behind her.
Kelly looked at Weis. " I'll go after Syd" "I'll talk with Vaughn" they said at the same time. they looked at each other in the eyes and kelly blushed quickly turning the other way and ran out after sydney. Weis looked at Kelly dissapered out of the door after sydney. he then turned to Vaughn and held out his hand helping him up.

"that was one fight" Weis said to Vaughn as Vaughn sat down at the couch.
"Yeah. our biggest" Vaughn replied loosening his tie and walked to the fridge. he grabbed a beer and sat back down.
"Listen Mike, every couple has fights. it's normal." Weis said to him sitting down in the chair.
"she kissed somone else Erik" Vaughn said to him taking a gulp from his beer.
"She did, yeah. but what kind of future can she have with Sark if she felt something for him. the man is a wanted criminal. besides you can't hold it against her for kissing another guys while you boinking Lauren every night." Weis said.
"That's different" Vaughn started.
"everything is different mike. but imagine how she felt while you were. you know." Weis told him.
"what does lauren have to do with this anyways. this is about sydney kissing another guy. a killer no less." Vaughn said.
"Sydney just found out you wife is still alive and that you two are technically still married. it probably reminded her on how you treated her when she came back. she probably wasn't thinking and just acted to hurt you back." Weis said.
Vaughn looked at his best friend "You think so?" he asked him.
"Trust me. it's either that or she has moved on and is over you" Weis said.
"What if she has moved on?" Vaughn asked him.
"Then you have to just be her friend and let her get on with herl ife. you got to undestand how she feels mike. things have changed since you were together before. you thought she was dead hile she was being held by the covenant being tortured to believe she was Julia Thorne. Project Christman made sure that didn't happen Sydney fooled them. nine months until she escaped and came back to see you with Lauren. she had faith in you, that faith was shattered to bits when she saw you two together. then she worked as double for the CIA providing them with info on the covenant. then she worked with lazery found the cube hid it had her merories of the last two years erased so it could never be found again. then she comes back with no memory that yu've moved on with lauren finds out you two have been married and you keep flirting with her and telling her nice things while you go home every night to your wife. instead of being honesst to either Syd or Lauren about your feelings. I know it was a hard step but it wasn't fair, to either of them to just not do something about it. you put her through a lot. maybe when syd thought lauren was dead she could just pick up where you left off. not realizing she had changed and fallen out of love with you. that's my other theory" Weis said.
Vaughn looked at his best friend.
"I guess I really messed this one up" Vaughn said to him.
Weis laughed "yeah you sure did."
Vaughn smiled. "So what do I do now. should I look for her?"
"she probably needs to be alone right now. sort her feelings out. Wait, give her time." Weis told him.

meanwhile Syd and Kelly were talking as well.
"He's such a jerk thinking only of himself all the time. like my feelings don't matter at all. and he thinks he is always right!" Syd ranted as Kelly listened.
"And I know I kissed Sark and I still have no idea why the hell I did that but he did more then just kissing with lauren. and he was angry at me when I slept with Will. Just who the hell does he thing he is!" she ranted on angry.
"Syd, he's a guy. they thenk they can do whoever they want whenever while we women get totally scolded when we sleep with just one guy. but you have totell me why did you kiss him? Sark I mean" Kelly asked her.
"I told you I don't know why. we were fighting like we always were then suddenly we were all over each other kissing passionately." Syd said.
"ok what were you thinking about just before you kissed him?" Kelly asked her.
"What are you getting at here. I don't remember what I was..." Syd went red.
"yes, come on spill it." Kelly said.
"I wanted to kiss those tastely looking lips." Syd whispered.
"Oh my God. You have a crush on him. you have a crush on Sark" Kelly said.
"I do not have a crush on Sark" Syd said.
"Liar! You so have a crush on him. anybody can see it." Kelly said.
"ok so maybe I do have a crush on him. it's never going to work out. he's the bad guy. I'm the good guy." Syd said.
"If he's in love with you he can change." Kelly said.
"That doesn't change the numberous times he tried to kill me. or that he has a criminal record." Sydney argued.
"Oh come a guy like Sark. he'll probably be able to make a deal with the CIA. he does work for the covenant you know" Kelly said to her.
"That's just another reason why I shouldn't even be thinking about dating." Syd said.
"What I meant was he probably has valuable intel about the covenant."Kelly said then added "and who said anything about dating. I thought you just wanted to boink him. unless of course you like him."
"I'm not a sl**, I don't boink someone if I am just turned on by them." she said to kelly. "and besides. there is no way in hell I'm going to date Sark."
"Why not?" Sark suddenly asked from behind them. they turned around.
"Sark" Sydney said grabbing her gun but Sark kicked it out of her hands before she could use it. "Why not?" he asked again. Kelly watched not interfiering just yet.
"because yu're the fu*king enemy" Syd syd throwing a punch at Sark who caught it.
"So?" he asked on and sydney threw a punch at him with her other arm as well which he also caught. "basterd" Syd telled at him just before Sarks lips covered hers and they were enveloped in another pasionate kiss.
Stop kissing this is Sark who you're kissing. stop kissing him her mind screamed but he just tasted so good. she felt her knees go weak as if Sark knew cos he let her arms go and wrapped his around her wais pressing her close against him. stop kissing him he let you go you can push him off now. Why he tastes so good. I don't want to stop. YES YOU DO. NO I DON'T. YES I DO! "NO I DON'T" Sydney screamed as their lips had parted. Sark looked at her puzzeled.
"you don't what?" he asked her.
"What?" Syd asked not realizing she had screamed that lost sentence out loud.
"you just said, no I don't" Kelly said making her presence reknown.
Sydney looked at her and when she looked back wehn she realized sark wasn't touching her anymore she didn't see him anymore.
"who does that guy think he is houdini?" Kelly asked.
"something like that" Sydney said softly.

ok I know I said they were gonna go back this chap but they will next chap.
hope you liked it.

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