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We're far and between decent scifi series, and most of the good ones are splattered with comedy. Stargat SG-1 probably wouldn't have lasted as long as it did if the suits hadn't got the jokes, if it was pure scifi programming.

The other day George Takei posted on his Facebook page that he was guest starring in the final episode of series one of The Neighbors, along with Mark Hamill. I'd never heard of the show and decided to watch it from start to finish and was pleasantly surprised. Although only 20mins per episode, I was never bored and felt that there was enough humour to keep the attention, covering all areas of the spectrum (yes, including adult humour, but fairly tasteful)

An alien community landed on Earth to......well I'll let you discover this point, and after a decade a human family come to live with them (by a series of events) and the secret is out. How will they cope, with each other? Initial surprise, acceptance, integration.

If you haven't heard of it, get it watched. And cross your fingers for more seasons to come! There were actually two scripted parts in the series, with the end of the final episode one of the main characters alluding to wanting another "8 or 9 seasons, er years, on Earth." or something very similar to that.


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This was recommended to me be a family member as a show that I would like but I was never one into genre situation TV comedies. Even Third Rock from the Sun, which I know some people loved, was never a show I watched. One-off movie comedies like Galaxy Quest I enjoy but for some reason not so much with TV shows.