The obsessed!

Alias, Nancy Drew, LOTR, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Redwall, Halo, SpongeBob SquarePants, Frank Sinatra, Teeth, Cabbage...i have more...MANY more lol

I like my obsessions...they keep me sane


in love
I'm obsessed with
the internet
the US
my fav actors and actresses (JG, MV, Josh Hartnett, Sandra Bullock, Orlando Bloom)
Michelle Branch, Evanescence


in love
this forum
happiness (mine and the one of my friends and family)
my dietary balance


I have a beanie baby obsession! It has subsided..luckily. I ran out of space, my beanies have dominated an entire (erm what do you call those? they r like those things that have cupboards and drawers and the glass window things on top that people put thier pretty dishes in. but only the bottom part, the cuboard part and drawers.) well we have two in my house so i dominated the bottom of one and along with three of those giant bins. i'd say i have over 1,500 beanie babies, benaie buddies and attic treasures. I even have some dupicates, its rather sick.