The Pact

Because women never see the bad in the man they are dating...until it gets really bad. ;) And we tend to not see what's right in front of us either. :)
This is so great
I love this
Who is Matt and why is Sydney wasting her time with him?
I'mn glad Vaughn sees that Alice isn't worth it!
Can you put me on the PM list, please?
Update again soon please
Great two chapters!! I loved them! The relationship between Vaughn and Sydney is so cute. I love how they act around each other! Can I get a Pm please?
yes... one down and one to go... maybe sydney will break up with matt when she goes to see him... im feeling an old n*sync flashback coming on... i didnt really wanna make it tough i just wanna tell you that i had enough might sound crazy but it aint no lie baby bye bye bye... hehe... anyways... update soon :D
OMG I love this!! We want more Janet and Katy!!! Please can I have a PM???? Um...... and can I be an addict?? my favorite number is 2 and 1/4... if possible that is!!!!!! anywho, great start and more please!!!!!! :P !!!!
Mariah :D
1st: I'm gonna need a pm when you update.
2nd: Who is this Matt guy?
3rd: Why's Syd with him?
4th: Can I be on the addict list? My fav number's 8! Thanks!!!