Too Much Info About Transformers 2 And Caprica! [Morning Spoilers]


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This morning's spoilers include casting calls for Transformers 2 and the Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica, which give away huge plot developments. Can you guess which of those things features leather pants? And more details about the World War Z movie and an upcoming Lost episode. This is your final spoiler warning. In fact, it may already be too late!

Transformers 2
Tons of spoilers for Transformers 2. The Decepticons will have help this time around from another group of robots: the Constructicons. Who are, like, more constructive. And less deceptive. In the cartoon, the Constructicons are Scrapper, Bonecrusher, Scavenger, Mixmaster, Hook and Long Haul. But the name Bonecrusher was already used for a Decepticon in the first film, so they may have different names in the movie. And the Constructicons can join together to make a really, really giant massive huge robot called Devastator.

Meanwhile, here's a list of human characters that are being cast in the new movie:
  • Chuck, Sam (Shia LaBoeuf)'s roommate at Princeton, who's obsessed with conspiracy theories
  • A U.S. military leader who's African American and has a sense of humor, plus a British Special Forces leader
  • Galloway, a "curt" National Security liaison and presidential advisor
  • Professor Colan, Sam's physics professor, who's arrogant enough to compare himself to Einstein and wears leather pants to look cool
  • The wife of Sgt. Epps (Tyrese Gibson) from the first film
  • Momma Simmons, a tough lady who runs a butcher shop in Brooklyn
  • The CEO of Massive Dynamics, who testifies before Congress
  • A Texas Congressman who investigates the "Automated Defense Initiative" created by Massive Dynamics
  • The FBI Director, who gives a speech assuring the public they're safe from attacks
  • A CNN reporter who covers missile strikes and bombings in various cities
So... unless these are fake spoilers put out by the foiler-loving Michael Bay, it seems as though Transformers 2 will have a more apocalyptic feel than the first movie. And will feature a physicist in leather pants, always a plus. [IESB]


Lost's Michael Emerson (Ben) and Yunjin Kim (Sun) were seen flying into Heathrow Airport to film some scenes in London, probably for the season finale. Are they going to confront boat-owner Charles Widmore? Or just cruising the seedy end of Wardour Street? [Lyly Ford]

Battlestar Galactica
On the heels of the detailed description of the Caprica prequel TV movie that came out the other day, a casting call from the series has shown up as well. Here are the major characters, with the new bits of information that came out:
  • Daniel Graystone is a spectacularly wealthy computer engineer who doesn't have much time for his wife or daughter, whom he still sees as a "little girl in pink shoes." After her death, he learns that his own child, Zoe, has exceeded his own computer expertise by downloading her personality into an online avatar.
  • Zoe, Daniel's daughter, is "16 going on 40," with severe makeup and hair. She not only uploads her consciousness into a holographic avatar, but her DNA as well. The result, Zoe-A, is her "online twin." She's a "closet monotheist" on polytheistic Caprica, and she practices this religion in secret. She plans to leave the planet with her boyfriend, Ben, but then Ben sets off a suicide bomb. Zoe-A is left behind, "a baffled, grieving digital duplicate" of the dead Zoe. Then Zoe-A gets downloaded into a robot body using stolen technology, giving rise to Zoe-R, the first Cylon. (And since Zoe is described as a "series regular," you have to assume Zoe-R looks at least somewhat like the flesh-and-blood Zoe. Which does give rise to the question of how anybody was surprised that the Cylons could look human.)
  • Joseph Adams is a Tauron, who's immigrated to Caprica and risen above traditional anti-Tauron prejudices. He's a powerful defense attorney with ties to the Tauron crime underworld. His wife and daughter die in the same suicide bombing that kills Daniel's daughter Zoe, and he bonds with Daniel. He agrees to help Daniel create robot versions of their dead daughters, but then is repelled by the result. He reaches out to his surviving son, Bill, and reveals that their last name is really Adama.
  • Amanda, Daniel's wife, is a surgeon who turns to an ex-lover, a Tauron named Tomas Vergis, for comfort after Zoe dies. But actually Amanda feels guilty about having cheated on Daniel and is acting as a "double agent," learning secrets of Vergis' intellectual property from his "blabbing mouth" and taking them home for Daniel to use.
  • Sister Clarice Willow is an Athenian High Priestess who runs the Athena Academy, a private religious school where Zoe goes, along with Joseph's daughter Lacy and Zoe's boyfriend Ben. Clarice grew up in a slum and "has seen it all." But she's secretly a monotheist, and has shared her forbidden beliefs with the brightest of her students in private — only to see those beliefs blow up in her students' faces, literally.
  • Ben Stark, Zoe's boyfriend, is a fanatical monotheist who's super-intense and seems kind of crazy. He's the one who introduces Zoe and Lacy (Joseph's daughter) to the monotheistic cult. He blows up the train they're on with a suicide bomb. Later, we discover he also has an online avatar, Ben-A, which only Sister Clarice can talk to.
  • And then finally there's William Adams aka Adama, who is "Edward James Olmos at nine years old." He's introspective and withdrawn at the best of times, and gets more so after his mom and sister die. He's also barely aware of his father, who's always off working. He's a "stoical Tauron" who learns the basics of his Tauron heritage from his newly close father.
So there you have it... I was sort of intrigued after reading the plot synopsis the other day, but now I'm a tad more skeptical. This sounds as though it could make the backstory of BSG and the Adama family a little more convoluted than it really needs to be. [TV Squad]

Meanwhile, in an episode of Battlestar Galactica currently filming (maybe episode 12?) Admiral Adama gets blood all over his hands. [Mercury News]

World War Z
Another review of J. Michael Straczynski's script for the movie adaptation of Max Brooks' World War Z gives quite a bit more detail. The book's author is now a "central character" and has a personal reason for spanning the globe doing interviews about the global zombie war. The interviews include flashbacks and voice-overs. Straczynski smushes together some separate scenes and elements from the book into one crucial scene in the movie, and loses some of the political overtones. And the turning point, the Battle of Yonkers, is truly horrifying and intense in this version. [Geek In The City]

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