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omg that was brilliant!! loved it!! love that last line "fate played him and he lost" thats perfect! awesome chapter, thanks for the pm!
That's so cute. :love: It's just love at first sight. *happy sigh* It's so wonderful to see the way they interact with each other. And you wrote it so well!
But Vaughn's mommy. :sadangel: It's so sad that she died from the beast cancer. I don't know what I would have done if my Gramma had died from it a couple years ago. -_- But let's not go there...
I really did like the way you expressed the emtions. It's just...amazing. :)
Thanks for the PM and update soon. :hug:

Riley xoxo


omgosh that was such a good chappie
i loved the "model" line

ooooo i can see something happeneing between the tow of them

thanks for the pm :D
I would love a PM when you update (and if you have a master PM list I loved love to be added) ... thanks ... I tottle agree with Janet ... Michael the shirtless macanic sooo hot ... poor guy got screwed over ... more soon please
Why couldn't she have come in when he had his shirt off! That is so sweet for him to schedule her before everyone else just so she will be able to have her car!

Great chapter! Update soon!

That was so sad and awesome!!
Poor Vaughnie bout his mummy that was sad!
Oh and S/V were so cute, lol Jack brags bout Syd thats cute!
Oh and shirtless Vaughn...*sigh*
Awesome update!


Awww! Poor Vaughnie, his mummy passed away only two months ago... :cry: *hugs Vaughnie* Aww... Everything's like... All opposite in this fic! Irina's good, Jack's evil, Vaughn's dad is alive, Vaughn's mum is dead... :blink: :D

Shirtless Vaughn working on cars... Damn. :whistle:

And he met Syd! YAAAAAY! :woot:

Looooved the update!



Those piercing baby blues
kristina he lost his mum? :cry: *bawls into kristina's shoulder* that's so sad. i mean... i'm ok with his dad not being there since i'm used to it but a mother-less vaughn? :( that's baaaaaaad awww (n)

but the meeting between them! :raellyexcited: the sparks are already flying, i loved it!!!

please write more soon!

luv juju :harp:
That was cool. Glad to see that they have finally met. and how great is it that Jack like Michael and brags about Syd, very cool. Anyway a truly excellent chapter. Cant wait for there to be more. I wonder what will happen, they only have a week at the moment to get to know each other properly and get a kind of connection unless you are going to be placing this fic throughout a variety of vacations.

Thank you for the pm and I really hope that you update again soon.
He wiped his face with his rag again before heading out into the unair-conditioned shop.  He took off his shirt and threw it on one of the oil barrels on the side as he got back to work.

One of Vaughn's aliases needes to be Mechanic!Vaughn.
Then he can rip his shirt off and we can all drool over him.

awesome chapter, im glad he got to meet sydney...he better ask her out on a date :angelic:
awesome chapteR!!!! update soon!!!!
awwwwwwww. poor Vaughn. Syd needs to give him a big hug. i fell so bad. i cant wait for them to get together. soon, maybe? i hope.
great update. thanks 4 the pm.
Mmm - nice visions I'll be going to sleep with tonight - hot sweaty shirtless Vaughn leaning over the side of a car.....

Thanks for the PM - looking forward to him squeezing her in ;)

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