What's the worst Sci Fi special effects you've seen?


Blake's 7 and old Dr Who had cardboard sets. Lots of shows did back then.

Old batman TV show had him hanging from an helicopter over the ocean with a shark biting his leg. So obvious it was plastic prop when he had to shake his leg like mad to make it look alive. :-(

X-files episode when they investigated girl who caused storms when she was angry. just occurred to me this very moment that was a bit like forbidden planet - I know energy being. Anyway there were a group of cows in a field when the storm blew through it and swept one of them up.

So obvious it was a tiny plastic model being sucked up by a vacuum cleaner.

What terrible FXs have you seen?



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I would go with any made for cable movie that is released on the SyFy channel. Terrible!! Worst CG work I've ever seen. Maybe the movies are low budget, but come on already!
Maybe the old live action superman- when he flew, they replaced the actor with a cartoon cell. Was rope really that difficult? They do it in school plays for peter pan.

Starbeast from Planet X

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War of the Planets (2005)

Great looking cover art on the DVD rental, depicting spider-like xenomorph creatures obviously inspired by the ALIEN movies.

But what I saw was---Sets that were someone's basement and creatures that were shaved-down ape suits, spray painted purple.

My jaw dropped, and I fast-forwarded through 75% of the flick to see the climax of the film.

What a hunk of junk.


Maybe the old live action superman...

In Adventures of Superman with Steve Reeves a man is shooting Superman who simply stands there, hands on hips... like this


... he takes no damage whatsoever from the bullets.

Frustrated, the gunman throws his pistol at Superman. Now Superman ducks to avoid getting hit. :eek: I remember being a kid and not knowing why I thought that was odd. Years later, I chanced upon the scene again & figured it out.

I suppose it is a bad special effect but I share it because it's just a great memory. :P
That's easy to explain; clearly his super shield only works against high velocity projectiles, so if they gun itself had hit him, it would have bypassed the super shield and killed him instantly. Good thing he ducked.