Whats your ethnic background?

My parents, and grandparents were all born here, they all only spoke English, so minus those who can trace themselves back to th Mayflower I consider myself as American as they come- but most of my ancestors were Italian with a little German and a little Dutch mixed in on my Mom's side.
I have to go with BOP5 on this one... I was born & raised in the US (outside of Philly, Yo!) and as such I am 100% American like my parents before me. However, going back to my great-grandparents & their families, they come from England, Ireland, Poland, Germany, with some PA Dutch thrown in.
I was born in England but my family comes from Wales and Portugal but to top it off my paternal grandparents are from an area near Hull that has quite a bit of Nordic influence and my maternal grandparents probably have some mourish influence because of the mourish ocupation of the Iberian Peninsula.
Well, that's an unfortunate wordfilter incident! So, you're sort of from 30miles SSE of where I am at the moment here in Jorvik (York) where the vikings set up base.

5 generations back there was an Irishman, a Scotsman, A Welshman and a Frenchman inserting into my English background. I'm sure there was a joke in there somewhere.
Wolfrunner, Tim: One of you guys mind PM'ing me what got censored so I can check the settings? :D